Faculty Members

Sol W Jonassen

Sol W Jonassen, a seasoned evolutionary astrologer and educator from Bergen, Norway, embarked on her astrological journey at the age of 14. With 25 years of experience as a professional Evolutionary Astrologer, she specializes in exploring the creative and healing dimensions of the birth chart. Sol shares her insights through online lectures, teachings, and in-person workshops.

Sol contributes astrology columns to leading media outlets in Norway and is a sought-after speaker at events worldwide.

www.sol-with.com / Instagram / Facebook / TikTok / chironsfriend@gmail.com

jessica dawn

Jessica Bourque Dawn

Jessica, a seasoned Evolutionary Astrologer with nearly two decades of experience, is the author of the “Soul Map ~ A Personalized Astro Journal and Birthday Book.” Her journey into Evolutionary Astrology began in 2004 under the direct guidance of Jeffery Wolf Green and his Pluto School. Concurrently, she apprenticed with Steven Forrest and received mentoring from Maurice Fernandez.

Since 2009, Jessica has fostered a friendship and professional relationship with Kaypacha, drawing ongoing inspiration from his remarkable astrological insights. She is thrilled to be a part of the New Paradigm Astrology community and looks forward to connecting with fellow astrology enthusiasts.

templesofthemoon.com / Instagram / templesofthemoon@gmail.com

Brandy Joy

Brandy Joy is an evolutionary astrologer with a diverse background in psychology and esoteric studies. Her readings employ a unique blend of psychology, evolutionary, and Hellenistic astrology techniques.

As the host of the esoteric YouTube series “Brandy Joy TV” and the “Sex & Astrology” podcast on Brandyjoy.com, Brandy teaches a range of topics, including astrology, Tarot reading, magical ritual, Tantric Yoga, and energy work.

In client readings, Brandy offers personalized guidance on aligning with your true purpose and optimizing your soul’s potential this lifetime. Using predictive techniques, she explores upcoming challenges and opportunities, empowering you to make informed decisions in alignment with your soul’s evolution.

Book a reading / brandy@brandyjoy.com

Gonca Kalabalık

Gonca, a psychologist on a spiritual journey for the past 11 years, has dedicated six years to working with disadvantaged children and cancer patients. Additionally, she holds certifications as a yoga/yin yoga trainer (RYT 200) and meditation coach.

Her training in Evolutionary Astrology with Kaypacha at NPA has equipped her to offer Evolutionary chart readings and holistic counseling sessions. These sessions integrate spiritual psychology, yoga, evolutionary astrology, and functional medicine. Gonca also provides mentoring programs for NPA students.

With a firm belief in nature as the ultimate teacher, Gonca follows its messages closely. Her passion lies in helping individuals unlock their potential and become their best selves.

goncakalabalik.com / goncakalabalik@gmail.com

Certified New Paradigm Astrologers

Christopher J. Perricelli

Chris, a certified Evolutionary Astrologer under Kaypacha, provides intimate and intuitive insights on personal challenges and growth. Through a welcoming and safe space, Chris offers counseling and conversation-based readings with a focus on supporting individuals in knowing themselves better and aligning with their Soul’s purpose.

With a background as a professional musician, recording artist, songwriter, and performer since the age of 17, Chris brings creativity and depth to their astrological practice. Additionally, as a personal pizza chef, Chris enjoys sharing his love for food and cooking with others.

AstrologyWithChris.com / AstrologyWithChris@gmail.com

Kirti Wright Zhu

Kirti has delved deeply into Evolutionary Astrology (EA), absorbing insights from influential figures like Jeffrey Wolf Green and Steven Forrest. Under the mentorship of Kaypacha and the New Paradigm School of Astrology, she obtained certification, building on a lifelong fascination with astrology that began in her youth.

Her spiritual journey spans over two decades, during which she obtained a YTT 200 certification in Hatha Yoga at Divine Light Yoga in Santa Cruz and traveled extensively, eventually settling in Sedona, AZ. Living and working at the Mount Madonna Center (MMC) allowed her to train as a Hindu Priestess to Ganesa at the Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple at MMC and deepen her understanding of spiritual practices.

Guiding others toward self-discovery and healing has become Kirti’s passion. She is committed to providing tools and support for individuals as they navigate their own spiritual paths.

astrologywithkirti.com / kirtiwzhu@baeastrology.com