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November 1, 2023 Astrology Forecast

November 1, 2023 Astrology Forecast

I will die in a moment like this,
And I intend to go with a smile,
Knowing that I gave it my all,
And went the extra mile.

Hola New Paradigmers!

Congratulations, you made it through the eclipses! You might want to write down some of what you’re going through as they set the tone for the next six months until we have a new set (on the north node). The waters of Scorpio are tricky to navigate, especially when we have Chiron, Eris, the north node, Jupiter, and Uranus on the opposite side of the spectrum in the personal/instinctual signs of Aries and Taurus!

This makes for three oppositions (including Venus in Virgo) this week. While the challenge of the opposition is to externalize the evolutionary intention planted at the conjunction, the north node in Aries conjunct Chiron (for the next six months) is pointing to the inner work necessary to heal our wounded masculine, outgoing energy. It’s a paradox!

This is why I focused this week’s report on our need to “be” in peace, love, and serenity rather than try to “make” peace, love, and serenity. In so many ways, our external reality reflects back to us our inner reality. Though society and the world at large may be in major polarized conflict, it is not up to us (or our “job”) to carry all the weight or exhaust ourselves trying to fix it.

So this week, know that if you can maintain an inner state of equilibrium, serenity, and even joy, you are contributing to peace in the greater world. Let’s all work on the astral plane and 5th dimension and act as conduits of a brighter future for all humankind!

I will die in a moment like this,
And I intend to go with a smile,
Knowing that I gave it my all,
And went the extra mile.

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As astrologers, we would be remiss not to consider what is happening in both the collective consciousness and the collective unconscious and the effect this energy has on us all. The amount of stress and tension in our world today can weigh heavy on us, and the uncertainty of the future can leave us feeling anxious, sad, and distraught.

Therefore, this Pele Report does not follow my usual sequence of looking at the individual aspects so much as the inner soul challenges that we face during this Scorpio season. I did mention the Sabian symbol for the Sun/Jupiter conjunction that occurred last April 12 (“The Gate to the Garden of all fulfilled desires”). The seeds that were sown at that time are now at the “full Moon” phase and in need of being expressed and made manifest. It is a good image to meditate on!

I didn’t get to the Sabian symbol for the Mercury/Uranus conjunction at the 21st degree of Taurus on June 5. As Mercury is the lower octave of Uranus, let us understand that this cycle involves downloading, integrating, and expressing our unique genius despite our socio-cultural conditioning. The keynote for that Sabian symbol is “Learning to discern what in your culture and religion is meaningful to you personally.” To me, this is a reminder to not be sucked into the Wetiko (mind virus) that is being perpetrated upon humanity at this time but to break free in our thoughts, words, and actions.

Lastly, the third opposition this week between Venus and Neptune has its roots in the conjunction that occurred at the 25th degree of Aquarius last January 24 (can you remember back that far?). Again, Venus is the lower octave of Neptune, so we see that now is a time when our desire to bring unity, love, and compassion (Venus/Neptune) to all our relations, particularly the society we live in (Aquarius), is at the evolutionary gate of externalization. It’s time to “give it our all and go the extra mile” by holding the promise of peace, compassion, and love in our hearts!

Here is the link to the pdf of the Sabian symbols if you don’t have it yet! You need to scroll down and find it.

Bob Dylan and Watch the River Flow

So Much Love,

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