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No longer addicted to drama,
I'm ready for something new,
And the more I can gain independence,
The more I can build with you.


As we approach the super Full Moon in Taurus, and Mercury, Venus, and Mars are all changing signs, we see the future landscape changing here on earth. This past election is a foreshadowing of the dramatic and unsettling changes that loom ahead for us through the next 3 years as I mention in the report. Just as when you see a storm approaching, it is wise to close the windows and doors and prepare yourself, so now is the time to gain greater self sufficiency and prepare for political, economic, and social storms that lie on the horizon.

Adversity can test us, help us define our priorities, and bring us together with like minded souls. Let's use this time to foster deep, powerful alliances, partnerships, and communities rather than dissipate energy fighting the consensus and drain our resources. I look forward to connecting with you and creating the New Paradigm with as many as are ready for a positive change. Together we can do it. Injoy!

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16 thoughts on “November 10, 2016 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. omg kaypacha!!! this pele report was absolutely the most beautiful, inspiring and uplifting commentary on our cosmic predicament that i have seen you deliver! you truly brought tears to my eyes with the level of understanding and inspiration of your message, yet it was not the filmy “we are all one” message without substance but is filled with the practical suggestions necessary to make this awesome (meaning beautiful yet terrifying) transition of consciousness that we have been wading into and seem to have stepped into the final depths of that sinkhole with the recent election. we no longer have the luxury of putting off our commitment to the new paradigm but you transformed my arian fire that wants to fight with your leo fire’s inspirational message. thank you from my heart and blessings always on your sweet head : )

  2. Hey, this is the time to come out of the closet with our shining hearts and dive into the river of life. Thanks, always for your illuminating reports, Tom, aka Kaypacha.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you, a thousandfold – just what I wanted to hear right now. Your words ring so true and totally resonate with what I am feeling. Honest, heartfelt and profoundly realistic – deep gratitude to you – we can do this xxx

  4. Hey, clapping again as I watch. I looked at Trump’s chart today and found that our moons are both 21 sag and his sun is close to my venus as well as other planets at simalar degrees. I take this to mea my duty is to tune into him frequently and send him love and light he has been backed into the shadow by wounds maybe he will redeem himself and turn towards his heart.

  5. It is so easy to get caught up in the political drama. And yet there is always a deeper layer of reality. Thank you for articulating so well a cosmic vision of where we are going. I have been experiencing in my personal life the deep inner transformation that you have been talking about and I know it is happening in the larger world, too. All is well. I agree with Linda – this is the best Pele report that I have ever heard.

  6. Thank you Kaypacha – I always look forward to your weekly Pepe’s. Where is the location of the waterfalls at the start of the Nov.10, 2016 report? Thanks much.

  7. Agreed, the transition was to be much gentler, so it is as is. There are communities and people building. A vision for great treatment centres in the North. There is a medicine women in a teepee on a four day fast for the devasting senseless suicides of children in Northern Saskatchewan and the world. So much hurt and pain inflicted.
    Today I said most men are dirt bags, then felt upset for voicing this aloud, yet indeed some do and must here this. Thank you for being here Kayapacha, your voice of truth.
    One voice one women. Peace be and sooo much love ! Mary-Ann. Oh and my google account is not responding with major glitches. See you in May 2017.

  8. I have been listening to your pele reports for the past couple of years and they have been so inspiring I can connect to each word you are saying and have been feeling the same The last one feels like you have just spoken what I have been feeling at present Thank you for these wonderful reports Lots of love and light

  9. All of your Pele Reports resonate with me, but this was the first that affected me so profoundly. Thank you for guiding me out of the sinkhole of despair that has been my week. I just need to get my gears in gear. Thank you again.

  10. Thank you dear Teacher! This is an inspiring message that will empower all who listen and resonate with it. I appreciate your call to action. It is time to step into my power and be the seed planter (natal moon in Taurus)!
    Namaste and Keep on Keeping On!

  11. Thank you as always for an insightful interpretation for the week.

    I do not find it coincidental in the slightest that 99 years ago in 1917, to the day, at 2.00 on the 8th November the Bolshevik Revolution started. It would be interesting to cimpress the astrology from then to now. If my mempty is correct it was an astrologer that recommended that date!

    Great work again Tom!

  12. Thank you for sharing nature’s magnificence and your message! Consider the following: Reverberation… One vibration activating another, which goes back to the first… Lather, rinse, repeat… A “united” plane of existence, can’t exist when folks feel it necessary to “stand for your rights”… Why? In order for “right” to exist, someone or something has to be “wrong”… This particular false ego gerbil wheel (acting, believing and thinking) is like a seesaw, when one is up, the other is down, and repeat! What’s heartening (as apposed to disheartening) about the election is that those who felt; disenfranchised, ignored, they didn’t have a; choice, voice, etc. now feel like they have been heard! To create a new paradigm, it’s necessary to come together and find a common playing field where everyone “wins”, as apposed to the old paradigm where, “in order for someone to win another has to lose”… Now, with the lesson behind us… Before taking “any” action, pause and consider the consequences of how and where your expressive drop of water will reverberate in the ocean of life! Peace…

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