When I am in fear I want more and more,
Love, money, and power than ever before.
But when my eyes open I begin to see,
That I always get just what I need.


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Yup! Ya win some and you lose some. This New Moon in Scorpio sets the tone for the month which is one of gain through loss, new life through death, and seeing the workings of the eternal in our daily lives. Let's face it, it hurts to lose, whether it is a loved one, power, money, youth, health, or your car keys, favorite mug, or pet. Life is continually giving us things and taking them away again.

We can easily go into victimization over these losses, get angry, twisted, wasted, or numb. Yet, it is also through the comings and goings of everything in our lives that we come to know that which is eternal, lasting, Spirit Self.

Scorpio also holds the mystery that lies behind the changing forms or structures of our lives. The deep hidden truths not only of death, dying and letting go, but of metamorphosis, resurrection, creation and the new birth that follows upon the heels of that death. It is nothing less then than the workings of God, the face of our Maker, the Ultimate. To stare God in the face without fear could be one of the goals of our evolution. Give it a shot, check it out. See what you see.

10 thoughts on “November 11, 2015 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Thank you! Kypacha I am eternally greatful to be in this life school with you! I wait eagerly every wed often even re viewing the last in order to reflect as I prepare for the next report…I had a super challangeing couple of weeks very much poking at my trust in the universe..feeling my ego bruised and my dreams dashed …all magnified being in my birth week of Scorpio…I pep talk my self endlessly but as a co habitant I really appreciate your joyful reminder that it is all OK!!! Namaste aloha so much love!!
    Johanna ~~<3~~

  2. Thanks Kaypacha! Great mantra 🙂 Life definitely keeps us on course, sometimes in funny or frustrating ways but I do appreciate the ever infinite guidance ?

  3. This was exactly what I needed today!! So spot on, thank you ever so much. Im am given just what I need, right now, theres a good plan up there..It is indeed planetary, I watch you every week in Sweden :).
    Lots of love! Mari

  4. The past couple of weeks has been very much like being stuck in a giant washing machine on a continuous ‘agitate’ cycle. Life is not about what happens, but how we deal with it…so enjoy the bubbles and the ride, laugh a lot and for Pete’s sake, make a lot of noise – maybe the wildly out of control cosmic 4×4 swinging will inadvertently – or possibly even self manifested – hit the off button or at the very least, open the door. I cannot imagine how much more tuned into internal work, surrender and allowing I could possibly do…ultimately it is to have faith that the door will open and we’ll come out smelling fresh and clean, like a new moon’s fresh start. Mahalo for you boundless inspiration – with much love

  5. Thank you Kaypacha,I love your reports often wonder if you are talking about me and showing me the direction.
    Life is really going haywire and your reports as always bring me back on track.
    Your Mantras are so inspiring and thank you for all your love and blessings.
    Namaste !!

  6. I’ve been following your work for some time, Kaypacha. Reading this entrance alone makes me wanna cry, beautifully written. “You cannot read loss, only feel it

  7. Absolutely spot on as always – thank you! Listening to this on Saturday am (UK time), There’s a lot of ‘reacting’ going on out there in the world – sadness, destruction, and huge amount of misguided power and fear. Sending prayers for peace and ‘so much love’ – keep shining the light…….. Julia xxxxxxx

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