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November 11, 2020
Astrology Forecast

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This is the end,
It can no longer go on,
What now keeps me going,
Is the coming new dawn.

Hola Graduates!

Time to wrap it up and get ready to move on (finally)! First, we have a new Moon setting the Scorpio overtone of death and letting go for the next month. Second, Mars finally stationing to go direct will want to move forward and will cut those cords to do it. Third, Jupiter finally finishing up his meeting with Pluto that’s been going on all year. All these are lead-ups to the breakthroughs coming next month and January.

For now, it’s like the end-of-year high school dance. An emotional mixture of sentimentality, nostalgia, insecurity, and uncertainty. A time of memories and feelings, sorrow for the losses and separations, and a host of other emotions depending on how you have navigated these past years. There is no one size fits all here. Some will have anger and resentment, not wanting the past to go and not reaping an abundant harvest. Others will receive their due and contentedly move forward while others may be chomping at the bit, pushing ahead, or running away from their past. Look at your own chart for details!

For most of us, myself included, it is a mixture of hope and sorrow, some fond farewells and other “thank the gods it’s over.” One way or the other, it’s going to be a long farewell astrologically. We’re in a bit of a vortex for another month or so before things will begin to move forward. Blocks, hindrances, and delays are all part of Saturn/Capricorn’s game as BIG changes take time, and this is the biggest to come along in centuries.

I’ll be offering many nuances and astrological insights, starting with the lunar planner coming out later this week. Stay tuned! It will be posted on the NPA blog, FB, IG, and emailed out to the NPA community. Bookmark our homepage and check back!

Besides, we’re co-hosting “Navigating into 2021 with Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus & Neptune,” featuring Julija Simas and Sandra Nicolaysen. Get a head start on seeing what lies ahead astrologically next year! It’s this Sunday, November 15, at 2pm PST = 5pm EST. CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP! This event is free to New Paradigm Astrology subscribers. Have you seen all the astrology you can get (and Astro-friends) in the NPA community? Check it out HERE!

This is the end,
It can no longer go on,
What now keeps me going,
Is the coming new dawn.

Time to wrap it up! Not just 2020 either. We’re wrapping up a 13-year Jupiter/Pluto cycle – as the Sabian symbol pointed out, this has to do with how well (or not) we have fulfilled our “social responsibility.” It’s payback time where we are all reaping what we have sown in the social realm over the last 13 years. Add on to that a 20-year Jupiter/Saturn cycle. Have we walked our talk? Lived our beliefs? Believed in and grasped the truth, or bought into a bunch of lies and illusions?

Add on to that a 4000-year Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto cycle, and we’re wrapping up, receiving the consequences of, and needing to learn lessons and reap the harvest of lifetimes regarding social justice, equality, the right use of authority, proper/improper systems of justice, law and order, and government.

It is like a big graduation (if we pass the test), which involves a buildup of energy, tension, and potential.

This week’s song! “Memories” by Maroon 5

So Much Love,


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