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November 14, 2018 – Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

November 14, 2018 – Pele Report, Astrology Forecast


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Like a team of wild horses,
My id is hard to control.
My But the more I am clear as to what I hold dear,
The more strength will emerge from my soul.


Welcome Mars into Pisces! So long Venus retrograde! Welcome Mercury retrograde! It’s getting all mixed up around here now, isn’t it? Are we going forward, backward or sideways? Not feeling so on top of my game. I now remember after doing the report, that Mars in Pisces square Jupiter can not only be wild but can also be pretty darn lazy. You may just feel like staying in bed (alone or not) and chillin’ out this weekend!


And, by goodness, after all that has been going on and all that still is going on that may just be the best idea! It’s been a pretty intense power grab lately and it may be nice to put the brakes on the ‘ol masculine desire to conquer and relax, breathe, close the eyes, and feel. Try that out!


So Much Love,

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