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Having blown off some steam so I could relax,
I see my spiritual path,
Is to stay centered in Source so I no longer need,
To shutdown or overreact.


Ha ha! Let's see who the winner is this week, Mars square Pluto or Venus trine Neptune! As mentioned in the report, put into context with the other planetary combinations I'm afraid I have to put my bet on the Mars/Pluto. So let's look at the upside of that shall we?

Do you know some things that need to change??? This is actually a 3/4 square that deals more with a change in consciousness (due to the actions taken at the first quarter square last February) than "new" impulses. It can be a time of inner transformation due to "forces" like people, law enforcement, external authorities or partners calling us on our stuff. Hence the mantra, as it can be tempting to dig in our heals, simply shutdown down, or come out fighting rather than objectively looking at the situation and really evolving. May you choose the center path and live your life with beauty, grace, and of course, style!

9 thoughts on “November 15, 2017 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Ha! You would think after watching and loving your reports for a year or so that I would no longer be surprised…but you do it every time! So accuruate, so insightful, so illuminating and most of all so incredible reaffirming. Thank you so much for your love, light and guidance. You are very generous..please know that what you do is making a difference…In gratitude, River xx

  2. The description of mastery & strength verbal & kinetic is core for learning. Teaching. And the joy is delivery, thank you. Excellence.

  3. Heavens! Uh, Yes and Right on the money! Out of the blue , around the 13th- TEN buttons were pushed by one text! I shut down for about 2 days/ I went to work,talked to friends, but could not allow my mind to alight upon the subject ( of a Thanksgiving dinner) then, I received a 2nd text. Worse!! I watched fireworks, not pretty ones, explode within. Then, I began to breathe deeply. I said” Let’s imagine I am centered, feel happy and fulfilled, expectant of good things, trusting in my glorious dreams coming to fruition, so much love, abundance, creativity and laughter , I can hardly contain myself!!!!!!!”(MY experience of Source,) NOW let’s look at this- I was breathing normally-and it looked different! It was much easier to perceive benevolent intent. Fascinating , Kaypacha! My work, which is what my goal is normally, is to allow the connection to, -and fruition of my Source.

  4. Beautiful sensitive and powerful Kaypacha…love your take on power is not force..its adjusting to the flow…finding balance of masculine and feminine in central source…heralding new way…letting go…allowing new resurrection…rise of phoenix from the ashes…mastery of forces…heal and assist others…you are my hero Kaypacha…love love and more love Diana xx

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