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It's time to forge relationship,
As hard as that can be,
For the Other will test and prod and push,
That my truth I may clearly see.


Jupiter in Libra is calling for social justice, while Saturn/Mercury in Sag, (soon to be joined by the Sun) is demanding the truth. The only hitch is the chaos being revealed from deep within the reservoir of the collective unconscious releasing all the illusions, injustices, and BS from thousands of years of His-story. It is our closest relationships that can help us sort out the propaganda from within and without in our search for what "should be" self-evident truth. What a merry-go-round! Wishing you the best as you hang in there, deal with the uneasiness and the challenge of direct communication to uncover new truths about yourself, your soul, and Its purpose. Injoy!

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10 thoughts on “November 16, 2016 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Thank you for sharing nature’s beauty… Love the lotus at the beginning of the video! Consider a paraphrased quote from Rumi, “Your task is not to seek love, but merely find all the barriers within yourself built against it.” “Seeking” love, is like looking for water while standing with your feet wet in the middle of a stream~! We learn lack (in all it’s forms!), then are told to seek others (and whatever else!) to “become whole”… Actually, we are “already whole”, and need to release the adopted learned barriers of ego’s limitations… Open to full on Being, releasing all that’s never been you…And “Be” the love that you; are, have always been and will always be… “Be Love”…

  2. Spot on Kaypacha yet again, loved you mentioning David Deida and Harville Hendrix, amazing authors, my partner and I use their teachings in our workshops here in Australia as well as yourself.
    Connection! with both yourself and those you love is number one in any relationship we have.
    May I ask if you are thinking of an Australian visit?

  3. Thanks for the Pele report! Struggling with this Neptune conj south node, in my 10th house, feeling really drained and facing illusions at a career/survival level… Sat, Sun, Merc transiting 6th house load +++ feeling burnt out. About to have my north node return(1 degree away) and a transiting jupiter conj my natal pluto (5th house) no idea what that bodes, perhaps best not to know! transiting pluto currently stirring the pot in my 8th..
    All the best to you Kaypacha and safe travels.

  4. Thank you so much for this weeks report! So interesting! (as always :))
    You mentioned that it´s possible to see in a birthchart if someone “is made” for monogami or polygami…
    Would you like to explore more deeply how to see it?
    All the best to you and so much love!

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