Pluto, Scorpio and the 8th House
Byron Bay, Australia - November 20-22, 2015

SP tree logo blankPluto, Hades, Shiva, Ereshkigal, Osiris, Hela, Kali, and the Shaman are just some of the names used to describe the God/Goddess of the Underworld that has to do with death and transformation.   Every fall the plant world goes through this death process, as do civilizations, corporations, religions, people and everything in existence.  Right now the Patriarchy is going through this process giving way to a new paradigm of understanding, awareness, and integration.  We, as individuals, go through many “death/resurrections” as do our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual relationships.

 We will approach death not so much as an end but as a transformation from one state of being/consciousness to another, as the result of an external force beyond our control (another person, institution, nation or nature, etc.)   We will identify the realms, types, timing, and soul intentions within our personal astrological birthchart answering the questions of what, why and when these “deaths” occur for our evolution to proceed.

Within this archetype are the human experiences of power, powerlessness, money, loss, betrayal, abandonment, sex, orgasm, jealousy, emotional manipulation, transformation, divorce, the taboo, therapy and therapists as well as witches and warlords.  Come and find out what all these have in common, how they may manifest in your life, and the purpose behind their manifestation.

Friday 7-9pm  The Astrology of 2015 and Beyond  This introductory talk will set the foundation for the weekend by describing the current astrological patterns. We are all currently experiencing the intense shift of consciousness in many ways that astrology can help us to understand and navigate more smoothly. (This talk can be attended separately from the weekend).

Saturday (1pm-9pm): Activities will include breathwork, yoga, and an exploration into the 12 archetypes of the zodiac. Specifically, Kaypacha will take Pluto through the 12 signs and houses of the zodiac.   In addition, he will explore the house of your chart that Scorpio rules and the interpretation of the sign ruling your 8th house.

Sunday (9-4pm):  We will begin the day with kundalini yoga before breakfast (or eat a light breakfast before coming).  After breakfast we will go into Pluto aspecting other planets, planets in and transiting the 8th house, and Pluto transits.  By the end of this workshop you will be all Pluto’d out!

Dates: Friday November 20th - Sunday November 22

Venue: Suffolk Beachfront Holiday Park, Byron Bay - This quiet Byron Bay beachfront camping spot is nearby to the sacred Tea Tree Lake and considered the gateway to world heritage national parks and charming hinterland villages. Amazing Australian surf, pristine Tallow Beach dunes, and direct beach access with no roads to cross. Enjoy legendary Safari Tents for those who want hassle-free camping, with style at this quiet Byron Bay camping spot set amongst natural bushland. Website: and to see additional photos of the park, CLICK HERE.

Accommodations: We have reserved several Safari tents and camp sites in one location. If you plan to book accommodations at the venue, please call the Suffolk Park at 02 6685 3353  or email When booking, please mention 'Astrology workshop group booking - Tanja!'

Food: Food can be brought in, or you may wish to visit one of the amazing nearby restaurants. Choices include shops, cafes, bakery, pizza, Indian food, etc.

Costs: Spaces are limited! Reserve your spot now!
$395 AUD - Register before July 1st for the early bird special of $355
Friday night only - $30 AUD


11 thoughts on “Pluto, Scorpio and the 8th House, Byron Bay, Australia

  1. Sat Nam,
    I love your Pele reports. I live in Coffs Harbour n.s.w. I would love to come to your workshop in Byron in November. Any chance you need an extra Kundalini yoga teacher in exchange for being an extra person at your workshop? I could offer an Aquarian Sadhana on the Saturday and Sunday mornings if you like ….
    Lin Puranshant

  2. Dear kapacha brother thankyou for your wonderful reports they awaken me so much to what is happening astrologically and thakyou for making the reports so insightful, profound and giving me a great laugh. Are you coming to cairns ? divine love and abundant blessings angel

  3. Blessings Yay my son and I are journeying to the magical northern rivers in november and when I heard you where coming over and round this time… I am really excited…
    Looking forward to finally meeting you..
    So much love
    as a scorpio woman with 6 planets in the twelth house I fully feel these talks..

  4. Wow, THAT was epically accurate as always. But REALLY accurate, like you were speaking to ME 🙂 hahaha! Look forward to meeting in Byron Bay! Namaste, ALOHA

  5. Tried to send $395 as per instructions given by Tanja, money bounced back into my account. Sent two emails beforehand to verify details so just figure it aint going to happen.

    Would like to at least attend talk on Friday 19th November but not sure how to book into this . . .

    kind regards, bara

  6. I would love to make it to this workshop but won’t be able to!
    Will the lectures be recorded and made available online?

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