Connecting the Spirit, Mind and Body

an Astrology, Yoga, Meditation and Massage Experience

November 22 - December 1, 2016

Luang Prabang, Laos



This 10-day retreat in the beautiful surroundings and magic majesty of Laos will serve to help each of us unplug and disconnect from the pressures, demands, and expectations of life on planet earth these days and tap into the deepest layers of our true self.  The astrological signs of the times point to this period as one of deepening our awareness of our Soul purpose, building our personal chi/kundalini power, and fully manifesting our creative impulse for the benefit of all.  One of the fundamental steps in that process is to value ourselves, our needs, and our time enough to slow down, go within, and truly listen to the call of our Spirit Self.  This retreat will be all about doing just that.

In order to synchronize our chakras and come into the fullness of our being, every morning will begin with a full kundalini yoga kriya followed by meditation.  We will not only unplug from the outside world but also our ego mind, and tune into the frequency of our higher truth.  After breakfast we will explore our Soul’s intention for incarnating, beginning with an understanding of our past here on earth, what we are born with, and where our unconscious evolutionary process wishes to guide us. Kaypacha will work personally with each participant to look at their chart and their life situation to discover changes and practices to further their life intentions.

As part of this study we will, for the first time, explore the north and south planetary nodes!   This will be new material and a basic understanding of astrology and your chart will be necessary.  If you are new to astrology please mention that when registering as we will send you the Kaypacha’s Astrology 101 webinar to learn the basics BEFORE arrival.  In addition to astrological work, we will use breath, sound, and movement (as well as massage!) to get this “information” imprinted down to the cellular level of our being.  Additional exercises may be brought as needed and as Kaypacha sees fit for the group.

In the afternoons, Arno will present principles and foundations of healing touch using the art of traditional Thai massage. He will teach how to read the physical and emotional body in correlation with the different planets.  Arno will guide us through specific sequences of Thai Massage and Osteopathic techniques to release past printed emotions and trauma that block or limit the flow in the Energy lines of the system.   We will cover the five Thai basic positions of the receiver and trade “hands on,” guided massage with each other.  By the end of this retreat you will be able to give a basic Thai massage and be certified by Arno for attending his “Thai Massage Foundation Course, Level I.”


In addition to astrology and massage, we will take time to enjoy the natural surroundings, relax, and spend time alone or in groups immersed in nature.   This retreat will be an opportunity for you to take a step back and reflect, review, and renew yourself on all levels: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical.  The lush tropical surroundings, private beaches, nearby waterfalls, and delicious traditional and international cuisine will all serve to support us in releasing old unhealthy patterns, issues, and blocks to rejuvenate our bodies and reinvigorate our souls.  Astrology will serve to illumine the Spirit/Body connection while hands on massage, yoga, pranayama, meditation and recreation will move the energy to excite and lift us to new heights.  You just may return to your world a different person with new found power to make the changes your Soul desires.

Costs include the full 10-day program, meals and lodging.  Arrival on the 22nd in time for dinner, departure on the 1st after lunch.  Additional information on transport to and from the airport available upon registration.  Transportation costs are not included.



Day 1: Arrive and settle. Evening talk: The Astrology of 2016 - This introductory talk will set the foundation for the retreat by describing the current astrological patterns. We are all currently experiencing the intense shift of consciousness in many ways that astrology can help us to understand and navigate more smoothly.

Day 2-3: Mornings: Astrology. Afternoons: Thai massage. Evenings: Fun and Relaxation.

Kuang-Si-Waterfall-near-Luang-PrabangDay 4: Adventure around our Village (transportation included)
We will start off walking to nearby Butterfly park. Then visit a local farm and the village of Ta Pene (with some tourist shops). From there we will visit the extraordinary KUANG SII WATERFALL Natural Park - jump and swim in the emerald natural pools followed by meeting some of the local hill tribe population.

After lunch we will take a one-hour walk through ethnic Kahmu and Hmong villages and stop at a hidden, majestic Boudha cave. After a sitting meditation in the full dark, cool and impressive cave we will return to the land for dinner.

Day:5-6: Mornings: Astrology. Afternoons: Thai massage. Evenings: Fun and Relaxation.

LP55Day 7: Visit of Luang Prabang, the jewel of Southeast Asia
Morning: Transport to Luang Prabang historical city about an hour friendly drive from the Village. We will visit the the spectacular temples and the king's palace in the historical peninsula - (30% of the city is covered by temples. Unique in the world!).

We will then cross the Mekong by boat and have a traditional Laos barbecue on the river side (approx. 8 USD per person). After a good lunch we will climb Mount Poussy for an incredible sunset and phenomenal pictures. We will have time to visit the night market for individual dinnersbefore returning to the land around 8 pm.

Day 8-9: Morning: Astrology. Afternoon: Thai massage. Evening: Fun and Relaxation.

Day 10: Closing circle in the morning and departure

VENUE:  Village about 29 kilometers from Luang Prabang, Laos - You can fly into Luang Prabang from Bangkok on Air Asia/ Bangkok Airways, Laos Airlines ==> This is the most direct route.  We suggest you arrive in Lueang Prabang in the afternoon.  It is 15 minutes from the airport to the town, and another 50 minutes to the center.  (As most of you will be on the same plane, we will coordinate a pickup). Just email us your arrival info and we will reply with directions to the pickup.  See you soon!


  • First 10 registrations: $1800   
  • 2nd 10 registrations: $1900    
  • Remaining registrations: $2000



One thought on “Connecting the Spirit, Mind and Body, Luang Prabang, Laos

  1. sounds absolutely amazing! I was there last year, at the Thai Circus, doing the Thai massage training. The place is just wonderful and Arno is a fantastic teacher and being. and together with Kaypacha, it cannot get any better! I wish I could come! have a blissful experience in the paradise! blessings.

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