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There's a whole wide world outside my door,
To touch, taste, feel, and explore.
I will open it wide and step outside,
As my Soul is ready for more.


As I mention in the report, we have to remember that the Soul is unconscious. While we may not be asking for more consciously or egoically, our soul "knows" our deepest evolutionary intentions.  This is what makes astrology the "highest" of the occult (hidden) sciences.  It reveals our unconscious soul desires, providing us the opportunity to align our conscious choices and actions with these far more powerful soul intentions.  The result is less pain, since pain is the outcome of resisting our unconscious soul needs.


Today the Sun is in the last critical degree of Scorpio, bringing much of this year's Scorpionic energy to a culmination and close!   But we are not totally done with this initiation until Venus leaves the shadow zone next month. The lion's share of death, dying, letting go, and feelings of powerlessness will be getting replaced with more opportunities for growth and expansion in new ways.  You will notice the change coming around this weekend after the full Moon in Gemini. Our moods will lighten again as the future continually beckons us onward!


So Much Love,

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5 thoughts on “November 21, 2018 – Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. You have forever changed me and my thoughts and patterns I have set . I want to thank you and please keep it up . I’m learning g to step outside my comfort zone and move away from what was so safe but sheltering me from what’s so real . My mind has opened and everything I thought wasn’t a thought at all it was a false sence of me and security . I’m learning a lot about my self and the world and o have have found something I never would have found with out stepping out of my comfort zone and now I see it held me back from what I now have a true stance if love and understanding. I hope one day to speak with you I am Aquarius and in a world I thought was for me but now I see the world differently and the life and world In which I desire is so opposite than what I have . I found love for me and another so opposite in a different world and culture and I was there and now that I’m back in my so called comfort zone I don’t feel at home I miss what I left and maybe it’s time to make a jump snd explore what it is that draws me there every time

  2. Reflecting on the annual themes – 2017’s great purification, 2018’s alchemical transformation and the upcoming theme of what’s true having done a solar return chart which gives me a GT/S (is that a GTS as in V8 power? haha) and pulled the 10 swords at FM. And so it endeth and a new dawn is seen rising in the distance as the black clouds begin to fade.

    All purifications and transformations necessitate endings in their various forms and Pluto continues to make sure nobody gets lazy with their home (soul) work. When endings are only half done or psuedo completed – enter swords. Also interesting given the Gemini FM and air element.

    Intense? Dramatic? One can have a little license at the Scorpionic anaretic degree right. 😉

    Hermes & Zeus join forces with Sol for the coming year.

    It’s been a gritty couple of years with those bigger themese so I’d like to think that the next one is bountiful for all.

    Another insightful pele – thank you.

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