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November 24, 2021
Astrology Forecast

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I feel fear, hurt, and misunderstanding,
When losing family and friends.
But I believe, trust, and share,
That love will win in the end.

Hola Believers!

Happy Thanksgiving to those living in the USA! As I mentioned in the notes for Pele, it’s good to balance our negative feelings with positive ones, not ignoring or suppressing them but not making one “more real” than the other. My old saying is that we have feelings but are not our feelings, we have a body but are not our body, we have thoughts but are not our thoughts… We are infinite spiritual beings on an earthly adventure. We can adventure in the realm of feelings just as if they were a physical landscape, mountain, valley, or (better yet) a beach!

Also, about this week’s mantra, I want to share a personal story. My vaccinated daughter doesn’t want anyone coming into the house who is not jabbed and has notified the whole family. Of course, this has made many of us who are unjabbed sad. This last weekend she did invite me down to have lunch (in an outdoor cafe) and go to the park to play with my grandson. We haven’t spoken, argued, or gone on about the issue rather than to say that we both wished the other felt the same way as we do. In other words, I haven’t tried to convince her of my truth, and she hasn’t imposed hers on me. We’ve both just grieved that we didn’t feel the same.

So, I went down there and had lunch with her and my son-in-law and we went to the park. They sat on the bench while I ran around, slid on the slides, swung on the swings, and played with my grandson. Low and behold, I stopped by the bench where they were sitting after an hour or so, and she invited me down for Christmas eve to stay overnight and wake up Christmas morning in their house! This is part of what inspired this week’s mantra. If we hold to love, believe in love and the power of love, love is magical. It brings people together and bridges divide. It goes beyond who’s right or wrong and establishes bonds from heart to heart.

I hold that we can share our thoughts and beliefs to help educate people and empower them to make better choices WITHOUT force, coercion, or guilt-tripping anyone. So much of it is the attitude, which sets the tone of our communication that reveals the source. Coming from a place of righteousness and judgment is FELT and affects how the message is received (or ignored!). I believe yoga and meditation help to center us in our heartmind. Our sincerity for the wellbeing of those we are conversing with is then felt on subtle levels, and the magic of love can work wonders. Go for it!

I feel fear, hurt, and misunderstanding,
When losing family and friends.
But I believe, trust, and share,
That love will win in the end.

Worth reiterating here after posting the Pele Report is just how healthy it is to feel our feelings! Whether they are fear, hurt, or confusion, our emotions tell us who we are in this moment as opposed to our egoic, mental constructions and imaginations portraying who we “think” we are or want to be ideally. It’s good to start with the current reality so as to make progress toward the goal rather than deluding ourselves by telling ourselves (or suppressing ourselves) that we’re something we’re really not.

The suggestion then is simply not to get stuck in these feelings but to realize that they are only a part of our totality. Knowing that we can feel afraid and then balance it with a feeling of love. We can feel a hurt and follow it up with an image/feeling/memory of power. We can feel our pain and then balance that with an image/feeling/memory or future plan of joy. On and on, let that teeter-totter go up and down without stopping too long! May you have fun on the playground this week!

Anybody in northern California wanna get together for some astrology and yoga next Saturday, December 11?? Come on over to Placerville!

This week’s song is by the Who, The Song Is Over.

So Much Love,


PS: Stay tuned to more live workshops and events coming up soon! And to my “What Is Love?” book launching next week! 🙌

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