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November 25, 2020
Astrology Forecast

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The present and future grow out of the past,
And all I have said and done.
Owning and feeling, laughing and crying,
Bring us together as one.

Hola Time Travelers!

This week’s mantra reflects the upcoming Lunar Eclipse as in astrology, the Moon is associated with our past, especially our mom, roots, childhood, and emotional conditioning. The lunar eclipse occurs when the full Moon is aligned with the Nodal Axis (where the Moon’s path crosses the earth’s path around the Sun). In this lunar eclipse, the Moon is on her own North Node (Rahu), associated with the future soul evolutionary path. Put together, we can see that part of our course forward at this time is to review, reflect, and feel what past emotional conditioning we may be done with and let go of to move on!

To take it a step further, you want to look at what house this lunar (and the upcoming solar) eclipse falls in. The Moon’s nodes spend approximately one and a half years in a particular house, and it is the activities related to that house that will most benefit from, and be affected by, this lunar eclipse. Let’s remember that eclipses are like Uranian lightning bolts that bring sudden surprises and instability. In this case, the lunar eclipse may bring up some repressed emotions that need clearing and that you/we may not even be aware of before some “explosion.” “Ah-ha! I didn’t even know I felt that way!”

Here at NPA, we’re celebrating closing down the old website and making a new start of things on more of a solo flight! I’m excited about doing more astrology than personnel and promotion work. Right now, that is looking like a lot of planning and preparing to get the NPA School of Astrology back on track so stay tuned if you’d like to learn more about reading charts!

I just finished doing a free live reading for an NPA community member last Sunday and look forward to sharing “All About Gemini” in our Sunday Community Call. If you’d like to connect “live” with myself and some other Astro-enthusiasts, check out all the benefits HERE! Many Blessings on your journey!

The present and future grow out of the past,
And all I have said and done.
Owning and feeling, laughing and crying,
Bring us together as one.

Whoa, that was a long one! This Pele Report looks more at the long term relationships between the eclipses and the Capricorn stellium. In the short term, like this weekend, the message would be to let those feelings, whatever they are, come up and out. The eclipse can be like Source opening the valve of the lower chakras to let off some pressure.

The good news is that while there may be some “Freudian slips,” or vulnerable feelings, beliefs, or needs exposed, knowing the astrology puts you ahead of the game. These are coming up right on target, just at the right time, TO BE SEEN, FELT, AND LET GO! This is GOOD, let’s not forget that. The truth shall set you free, and it may not feel like that when you’re in it, but it will in the long run. Liberating yourself from your own past will free you more than getting any laws changed, believe me (not that there aren’t some laws that need changing!).

Mercury in Scorpio (with Venus) being the “overlord” of this lunar eclipse, says, “dive deep baby, you can do this!”
Just listen to Dave Mason, “We Just Disagree” And then how about Jackson Browne, “Doctor My Eyes”?

So Much Love,


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