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November 3, 2021
Astrology Forecast

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The path to a heightened loving consciousness,
Is a road filled with bumps and holes.
But the difficult conversations serve,
To open my heart, heal my wounds,
And let go of longstanding hurts.

Hola Alchemists!

We are hours away from the new Moon in Scorpio, exactly opposite Uranus as I write this newsletter. I’m already experiencing some “bomb dropping” explosions in the media, professionally, and personally and have no doubt that you are too! Time to wake up, whether it’s cold and yucky or warm and sunny! It is a mixed bag because we are both empowered, enlightened, and fulfilled through union with these Scorpionic “forces beyond our control,” while they also hold the potential for destroying us. Now destroying is a strong word, but it conveys the letting go or death that needs to occur prior to the resurrection of the new form.

Let’s face it, birth is a messy business, whether it is the big bang, a new business, relationship, or life. The old dies to the new, and there is a decomposition/destruction/dissolution that is chaotic, unpredictable, and yet holds the new potential, as yet unformed, semi-conscious perhaps, yet nebulous to say the least. These times of alchemical transformation caused by the uniting of two uniquely different energies are combustible, frightful, threatening, and as a result, often avoided. I encourage you not to. I encourage you to go forward into the storm, defy your fear, trust your fate/destiny, and let go of what is no longer serving you to unite (even if it is still yet waiting in the unknown) with what is.

Just as the trapeze artist must let go of the trapeze, fly through the air (and perhaps somersault if they’re REALLY good!) to catch the other trapeze, we must let go of the known, familiar, safety of our “old selves” so that the new may emerge. In Scorpio, we may not only fear for our own safety and future but to let others down and face their wrath as our boat sets sail to distant shores. We may fear the backlash, judgment, anger, revenge, or a host of other fears that those “forces beyond our control” may be out to destroy us. This is when we need to dig down to the heart and soul of who and what we are, what we’re made of, and where we come from. That which is eternal within us is absolutely indestructible, and that which is temporary, egoic construction is not. What are we holding to? How are we defining ourselves? Who are we? As these questions arise, I encourage you to think for yourself and grasp for the infinite.

In the spirit of Pluto, Mars, Scorpio, and Aries, I am offering the workshop “Healing the Warrior Within” in Peru this coming February. Ready or not, like it or not, it is time to confront our dragons both inside and out. I am reminded that the entire Bhagavad Gita was given to Arjuna on the battlefield when he questioned Krishna on the need for war. We live in a multidimensional existence, the nature of which is continually being revealed, and which includes not only the higher, spiritual, timeless, and eternal but the separate, material, three-dimensional. We need both an open, loving heart AND a warrior to truly master this earthly realm. So join me for some kundalini yoga, pranayama, and astrology to help connect with, build, and trust your warrior within. You’ll be glad you did through 2022 and beyond! SIGN UP HERE!

And, to balance the warrior within, I’m excited to announce that we’re in the final stages of publishing my “What Is Love” poem in book form! We’re sending off for some sample copies to check before making them available for Christmas. You won’t believe the amazing illustrations by Daisy Moon! It’s a beautiful book for children of all ages! Many blessings to you and yours through these times of transition!

The path to a heightened loving consciousness, 
Is a road filled with bumps and holes. 
But the difficult conversations serve, 
To open my heart, heal my wounds, 
And let go of longstanding hurts.

So probably the best intention to do ceremony with for this new Moon is just to let go of what is no longer serving your soul’s growth, whatever that looks like, while remaining open and willing to invite in that which does. Most certainly, sometimes the challenge is to know the difference, LOL! I feel that holding that intention going into the new lunar cycle helps me trust what comes to me through the cycle.

Even if, as I mentioned in the report, it could be a “good talking to,” that comes, is uncomfortable or worse, these are the days to have the more profound truths revealed to us and reveal our own deeper truths to others. You may also feel like revealing someone else’s deeper truth to them too! That’s where it gets tricky, and you want to hold them and their spirit in the highest light so as not to project too much of your own shadow. Don’t forget that if someone pisses you off, there’s shadow involved somewhere!

This week’s song is White Rabbit!
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So Much Love,

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