On assignment in a foreign land,
Seeking Truth to understand,
I find there's way more than I thought,
More than my teachers ever taught.

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Whoa, these are intense times and so many images came to my mind to describe it. How about the symphony is about to start and the conductor is missing? You're tiptoeing through a mine field as it is the only way out? You're the lead role in the play that is opening now and you're not sure of your lines? Talk about nerve racking, stress producing, and tripped out! Well, you are not alone.

As I discuss in this report, we (as in those listening to this report haha!) have incarnated to bring in a New World, a New Age, and it is like a distant memory from another dimension that we once "knew." We have to sooooo trust ourselves and pull from our inward knowing while it damn well seems like something else is going on here altogether.... OMG! Are we nuts or is this "reality" really from the past? We need to hold on, hang in, stay the course, a develop a relationship to the human element here so as to effect the healing that is so desperately needed. But oh, just how much patience do you have??????? You'll find out by the end of the year!


8 thoughts on “November 4, 2015 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Merci…. We are not even a grain of sand in all the universe. But from that speck we are limitless and powerful. Infinite. Love at you. Peace out.

  2. oh Kaypacha…You are simply Darling. I understand more with every one of your reports. lol I’m actually connecting some astrological dots thanks to you:) Yes Yes Yes…I’m in the grind, and there’s been times I thought I just Had it…but I remind myself…It’s All right. You are so right on and my walk so inline with the stars. Sometimes I feel I’m lost and in mis-step, but thankfully that feeling doesn’t last long. At my heart I know the truth…Whew! ^_^ love you and appreciate you Brother ;0) mwah! from Vancouver Island.

  3. so much love! as you are sharing and flowing with your mojo…it is muy claro, I see it all in my personal Journey…ESPECIALLY stepping beyond all that we have been taught – or thought we were actually ‘getting it’ (ha ha). And then BABOOM, you are busted! sorry, course change. and yes, you can (and might be forced to ) change horses in the middle of the river (you should be so lucky if it is only a stream). ‘good luck’ is hardly adequate – faith beyond faith and perseverance – yes, hugging a tree would be a very good thing, much peace and wisdom there. always, muchisimo gracias!

  4. Greetings Kaypacha

    Thanks again my friend for reminding me that everything is unfolding in divine order even when it feels like chaos. Indeed it’s been intense and stressful but also creative. Thank u

  5. Pff, I notice how much it all demands of my spiritual fitness (and sense of humour ;)). Without daily tuning-in practice I would be easy to just go nuts! At the same time I am incredibly excited to find out where this is all going, it feels like such a huge transformation. It really helps to know we’re all in it together!

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