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When it costs more than I can afford,
And I'm looking for the exit door,
Life may be forcing me to find,
More in me to "tow the line."

In Evolutionary/New Paradigm astrology, Pluto and Scorpio symbolize the force of evolution. Evolution can be nasty, hard business. It takes us up and out of our comfort zone, the known, familiar, power and control that we build up and constantly humbles us by showing us there is always more. Somebody or something that we can't control, that can hurt us, that we can't figure out, the mystery of Life and Death and more.

Yet, just as the predator helps the prey evolve, all external sources that have the power to destroy us simultaneously are our greatest teachers. They force us to summon within ourselves ever deeper and stronger desires, passion, and will to survive and potentially thrive. To "tow the line," means to pull our weight or more, like tugboats towing a barge.

While battling forces beyond our control is not the only way to evolve, sadly enough, we can be a complacent species content with mediocrity sometimes to the point of complacency and resistance to evolving. The infinite intelligence of the universe measures out the exact amount of pain necessary to wake us to the deeper intention of our life in these bodies. While it often appears unfair, unjust, and cruel, in humbled awareness of the greater whole, it can be seen as perfect. May you experience the humbled awareness that allows you to see that perfection!

6 thoughts on “November 8, 2017 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Hark! I sense the anthroposophical flavor of a former Waldorf teacher…”When you are in Truth you are getting assisted by Hosts-spiritual Beings are at your side”🦋 Many thanks for your gifts of Astrology Alchemy…and for nailing the golden shadow in a good way.

  2. Wow, I have gotten so much out of this report , dear Kaypacha. Thank U so much. Its getting more clear to me each & every day. I have to say NO to any further demands on me in this now already 4 year lasting online – relation with this very powerfull military man, as it gets me nowhere but being critizised & plundered of my selfrespect & money. He is a true wolf in sheeps clothes. Aloha. So Much Love ! Have a Great Time in Goya !

  3. thank you so much for these reports they keep me sane and give me a compass to walk through the darkness that is engulfing us all- so much gratitude and love to you

  4. This is a great report. Thank you for covering Black Moon Lilith with the time she deserves! Looking forward to a special on the Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto conjunction.

  5. As the predator helps the prey evolve…never thought of that one…but how amazing…and so true with our lives…we curse when things are stripped from us…but it’s what helps us evolve…and yes it is our greatest friend when we dwell in our complacency… even without knowing it!!!…nudge,nudge…it’s time for your next lesson…
    Thank you xx

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