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Certified New Paradigm Astrologers

Gonca Kalabalık

Gonca is a psychologist on a spiritual path for the last 11 years. She’s worked with disadvantaged kids and cancer patients for 6 years and is a yoga/yin yoga trainer (RYT 200) and meditation coach.

She completed her Evolutionary Astrology training with Kaypacha in NPA. She is doing Evolutionary chart reading and holistic counselling sessions combining spiritual psychology, yoga, evolutionary astrology, and functional medicine. She is also offering mentoring programs for the students of NPA. She believes nature is the best teacher and follows her messages. Her main passion is to help people to discover their potential and be their best selves.

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Annie Grace

Annie is a qualified English teacher and careers adviser specialized in supporting those in the neurodiverse community. Her calling is to help people fulfill their potential and bring healing, joy, and meaning back to their lives. Annie’s journey to follow her desire to learn more about soul intentions, soul purpose, and Evolutionary Astrology started 8 years ago when she bumped into Kaypacha’s Pele Report, the Gene Keys, and Human Design on Kauai. 

Annie specializes in soul purpose readings. She is here to help you find your voice and unique expression ~ your purpose in this world. She is also keen to support those that are going through midlife (35-45), and she has a soft spot for working with those that belong to the Pluto in Libra (1971–1984) and Pluto in Virgo (1958–1971) generations.

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Arwehn K. Tauroes

Arwehn is a certified Crystal Resonance Therapist mentored and trained by Naisha Ahsian. She facilitates clients in assuming their power to heal using stones & crystals, the electromagnetic field of the planet, and the elemental forces – the matrix of creation. Tunning into Earth and Mother Nature is her lifelong spiritual practice, from which she draws great comfort and healing.

Arwehn was introduced to astrology a few years ago, and it resonated deeply, especially because she was already familiar with the elements. She sought out training with Kaypcha and graduated from New Paradigm Astrology in June 2021.

Arwehn is based in US Pennsylvania and available for evolutionary astrology birth chart interpretations in English and Polish.

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