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(Monday, November 16, 9 am AEDT)

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Julija and Sandra come together to prepare us astrologically for the coming tides, challenges. Not only are we entering another New Year, but a whole New Era. With Neptune squaring the Nodes and Jupiter and Saturn beginning a brand new cycle, we are not only entering uncharted waters but also our own New Frontier in so many ways!

As Jupiter and Saturn come together exact on the Capricorn Solstice 2020, we are all in the process of resetting our controls, with a new vision and a new set of rules.¬†By exploring the archetypal dynamics between these 2 planets coming together, we get a stronger picture of what is being asked of us, both personally and collectively at this time. As the 2 planets separate from zero Aquarius, they also both move to square off to the Agent of Change Uranus ‚Äď during 2021.

Julija Simas will take you on a journey on how best to navigate with these planets of great social change as we move into a new era. 45 minutes

Sandra Nicolaysen will explore how Neptune in Pisces and its Square to the Nodal Axis in Gemini & Sagittarius challenges our identity, ideology and causes massive uncertainty and confusion on personal and worldly levels. We will take a close look at how to remedy the current emotional state of affairs. 45 minutes

In the last 30 minutes, we will explore and discuss with chart examples from the audience.

Find out all about it this Sunday!

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