With Mars, Chiron, and the Aries energy so prominent this month, I feel this line from “A Course In Miracles” expresses the essence of this lunar cycle very well.

“In my defenselessness does my safety lie.” – Lesson 153

The month carries many important themes. We start off with a powerful eclipse with Mars and Neptune squaring the Nodes. Mercury, now in its retrograde, will be aspecting each lunar phase this month, Neptune and Chiron station retrograde, and then Mars moves into Aries where he will literally spend the rest of the year. Venus stations direct, and Saturn returns to Capricorn as Jupiter makes its next pass over Pluto.

Investigating the New Moon chart, we find a Solar Eclipse happening just 8 hours after the Solstice at zero Cancer. It’s a tight eclipse and is happening on the North Node in Gemini. This focalizes a fresh flow of energy into brand new pathways. It is important that we are open enough in our minds to flow with it. The strong Pisces and mutable energies on this New Moon tells us that we are not the one’s in control, Spirit has its plan, and there is nothing we can do to prevent it.

Both Mars in Pisces and Chiron in Aries square this New Moon, and both these planets will continue to be a very prominent force during this entire lunar cycle. There is tenderness and sweetness in courageously walking our path into the next, new moment, even when we cannot rest in the security of knowing exactly where the path will lead us. Can we remain undefended, even as challenges arise? Can we see that no one and no thing is actually out to attack us? Cleaving to peace in the midst of chaos brings grace and replenishment and extends the gift of permission to many beings.



Ari Moshe Wolfe is a member of the Dream Team. To find out more about him check out the “about” page.

In astrology the Sun is like the hour hand, the Moon the minute hand and the Ascendant the second hand. Let’s all listen to the natural cycles of change during these times by tuning into our great Mother Moon!

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