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Behind the face I show the world,
There is another me,
The more these two unite as one,
The more I'm truly free.



We have a couple weeks of Mars conjunct Pluto, and you may be feeling it now. That coupled with the full Moon this weekend and Saturn conjunct the "Great Attractor" for another month (building thru the 28th) makes this a particularly intense and simply "tough" time. It's hard to look at our stuff sometimes and to have our relationships, started with love, struggle as each of us changes so fast these days!

As usual, if it doesn't kill you, it will make you stronger! And that is just what this is about. It is time to "get up, stand up, stand up for your rights....." and maybe more than that, like the rights of the future kids, animals, plants and planet. Brings up a number of rock n roll songs for me but I go into it deeper in the report.

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10 thoughts on “October 13, 2016 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. wow so feeling all this, thanks for explaining the process im experiencing. not surprising as I am pisces sun and moon with mars in capricorn on my ascendent, I just really bawled my 18 year old daughter out big time, boundary and respect issues, feeling enough is enough! Your so spot on Kaypatcha, love you and your reports, you seem to be living an amazing life, how do you do it, I want to follow in those footsteps, bless <3

  2. Thank you for sharing nature’s beauty! Amazing report, thank you! Philip Sedgwick’s site, along with his current events in his SkyScraping e-zine is enlightening… His insights concerning the effects of the; GA, Z, Black Holes, Quasars, etc., brought about awarenesses about my life’s journey that I wasn’t able to learn and/or understand through normal chart explanations and interpretations! My chart is riddled with all these aspects (i.e. in the degrees of; house positions, planets, astroids, affected aspects, etc.). Saturn conjuncting GA is part of my natal chart (are we having fun yet)~! Just a thought… How much of the “shadow” is our made-up ego that we learned from others, adopted, then through these learned parameters, created what we thought was workable to navigate life?! Understanding all the negatives (guilt, shame) is useless learned ego manifestations that if indulged, solves nothing, except wasting time on; the gerbil wheel of redundancy, on stuff that doesn’t belong to us, has nothing to do with our true Selves, or moving forward in the direction meant for us (and all we love). Awakening is simply; releasing the stuff that isn’t ours and doesn’t work… And instead, opening to insights that will work for all (as you stated!). When we understand that another’s emptiness(es) are a result of what they learned, trying to fill themselves at another’s expense, we have to thank them for being an example of what “not” to be and do! Then move in a different direction towards what will work. When caught in my own gerbil wheel (I’m human, it happens!) a dear friend reminds me, “You can’t fix stupid, move on!”… Playing well with others, means finding others that play well too… The inner navigation (in us all) will prompt you, in whether someone is helpful, or more interested in taking what they need, leaving you scratching your head asking yourself, “What-the-hell?”… Pay attention to the true knowing within and don’t make excuses for staying in toxicity… Life’s too short for what doesn’t work, learn from it, and move on… I’ve learned the best way to deal with those who are; egotistical, narcissistic and/or sociopaths is “don’t” engage! If you fight back, it feeds them, knowing they have you exactly where they want you! Stay; calm, be matter-of-factly and on point… When they don’t get a reaction (just your response), they will move in the direction you intended… In essence, what works for All! In the movie “War Games” the computer acknowledges, “The only winning move is not to play”! Thank you again gracious and loving Pastor Kapacha, for providing a wondrous sermon infused with; guidance, humor and insights… Blessings and Namaste…

  3. “Suppression dissipates” what a corker! Laser sharp Kaypacha as always. Lovelove this – goes straight in to my truth register. xx

  4. Kaypacha, thank you so much for your dedication to astrology and to each of us who listen to your Pele Report each week. Your authenticity comes through and so does your love.

  5. Thank you for your hard work, trekking through the forest to share the wonders of the world. As far as the astrology, you are genius. You make the complex easy to understand and digest. Keep up the reports. Love you

  6. Thank you for making the great attractor understandable. It’s amazing how you explain these complicated things, thank you so so much! You are such a support in these times of great change!
    Light to you xxx

  7. I FREAKIN LOVE YOU! You are so REAL! I crack up every time you giggle while doin these reports!! Sooo much love! Namaste !!!

  8. Thank you so much for an amazing report! Your words resonate deep within and help to bring clarity to what is going on around me and affecting my every turn. These last few days’ events have resulted in me feeling even more stripped bare, open and vulnerable, (physically and emotionally). Great change is in the process of being – sooo scary and exciting at the same time! And then I’m laughing with you as you lift my emotions up with your wonderful humour, enabling me to feel light, happy and joyous – Love your report and love you!

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