Messengers from the Stars
Ancient and Modern Teachings to Guide Us to the Future
with Kaypacha and Miguel Angel Vergara
October 14-23, 2016
Beginning in Merida, Mexico

Letting go of the past, allowing an exciting future to present itself.  This journey will help you release what no longer serves and give you a glimpse of the future that is waiting for you. 

With Kaypacha’s vast knowledge of astrology, yoga, myths, and spirituality along with Miguel Angel’s years of experience working on the ancient sites with the Maya Masters of Light, you will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to step into the future, prepared and ready to face any new challenges.

The Maya were great astronomers. They studied the stars for the same reason we do: to catch a glimpse of the future. Join Kaypacha and Miguel Angel as they travel through the wisdom of the Stars and the mysteries of the Maya, guiding you into the future you envision. This journey will take you to some of the more remote Maya temples where the depth of your inner journey will match the exciting external adventure. As you descend deep into the caves and climb high up the most amazing pyramids, you can truly connect the Heart of the Earth with the Heart of the Sky. In these remote areas we should also be able to clearly see the stars in the night sky above us.

This adventure includes:
– Maya ceremonies with Miguel Angel
– Astrology teachings with Kaypacha
– Meditations with Kaypacha and Miguel Angel
– Yoga with Kaypacha
– Maya Sacred Wisdom teachings with Miguel Angel
– Connect with the Maya Masters of Light on ancient sites
– Practices to connect with the energies of this incredible ancient civilization
– Visit the Nature Reserve and Maya site of Kalakmul
– Enter a special cave and go deep into the Heart of the Earth
– Climb sacred pyramids at many of the sites we visit
– Swim in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico
– Enjoy the local Mexican cuisine
– Spend time with people interested in the same things as you
– An opportunity to relax, open your heart, and receive what you need from this adventure.


Each day will unfold as it is meant to be. Where possible, Kaypacha will start the day with Yoga. Both Kaypacha and Miguel Angel will lead you in meditations and ceremonies when the time is right. They will also be available for a limited number of personal readings (at additional cost), as time permits. Indicate on the registration form if you are interested in this. It will be first come, first served, so register early if this important to you.

Oct 14: Arrive in Mérida
We will meet you at the Mérida airport and transfer you to your hotel in the Historical Center of the city.
o/n Merida

Labna-300x2251-300x225Oct 15: LABNAH
We first gather for an Introductory Circle where you will meet Kaypacha, Miguel Angel, and your fellow travelers. After breakfast we travel to the Maya site of Labnah for our opening ceremony.
This is an extraordinary site that means in Mayan: “The Walls of Wisdom of the Mother”. It is considered one of the most beautiful Ceremonial Sites in the Maya lands.
Labnah also has an Observatory, from which the Maya were able to calculate the obit of the Planets in the heavens, in the cosmos, permitting them to make their astronomical and astrological calculations with an accuracy that still amazes us today.
In Labnah we find one of the most beautiful arches of the Maya World.
Here we will perform a ceremony asking for help from the Maya Masters of Light to let go of anything in our lives that is not positive, that does not serve us, and to attract the good, the Light, to form our life in a balance of Harmony and Love.
Free evening and dinner on your own.
o/n Merida (B & L)

xtacumbil-catedral_cavesOct 16: XTACUMBILXUAAN CAVES
Travel to Campeche to visit a magnificent cave called XTACUMBILXUAAN, which means “The Woman Hidden in the Heart of the Earth”. This very special site was used by the Maya Masters to perform ceremonies of Inner-Transformation, letting go of and delivering to the Heart Matrix of the Earth, everything that is no
longer of use to us in our mental, emotional, and physical levels.
After our ceremony we travel on to our beach hotel and then meet for dinner.
o/n Tucan Siho Playa (B & D)

The full day is set aside for a workshop with Kaypacha. I am sure he will also give you some free time to swim in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

It is a time where big decisions and commitments/goals need to be made. That requires letting go of what no longer serves you. At the time of this journey Saturn is in Sagittarius squaring the Moon’s nodes (past/future) which has the theme of understanding the truth through the study of nature and natural laws (wisdom) to help determine what needs to be let go of in order to manifest the future you want.
o/n Tucan Siho Playa (B)

Breakfast, check out of the hotel, then travel to Chicanna.
This is a wonderful sacred place where the temples were dedicated to the spiritual transformation of the Maya. We will do a very special meditation in this temple with K’uKuulKaan and with the strength of the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of the Earth, to open our higher consciousness and unite with Hunab-Ku, “Giver of the Movement and Measurement in the Cosmos”. All we need is deep humility and much love!

Following the visit to Chicanna we will have lunch and check into our hotel. Dinner is on your own tonight.
o/n Eco Village, Campeche (B & L)

halach_calakmulOct 19: KALAKMUL
Kalakmul is a very large, important site where we will explore the twin temples that symbolize the two forces of creation: Sun-Moon, Light-Shadow, Day-Night. The Maya Teachers said that at these temples one will learn the mysteries and the knowledge of the two columns that sustain the Universe: Love and Wisdom, Man and Woman in perfect union, helping one another to succeed in meeting the challenges in both their physical and spiritual life.
These monumental temples provide us also with the teaching that in everything there is wisdom. There is consciousness in the Sun and the Moon, and in every part of creation. To walk in balance is the ideal way to achieve true balance with our soul and body.
You are asked to greet with reverence the Columns of Light in the principal temple of Kalakmul, where the Maya Masters of Light await you!
o/n Eco Village, Campeche (B & D)

After breakfast we check out of the hotel, and travel to the site of Balamku.

The Balamku ceremonial center is dedicated to the spiritual essence of the Inner Jaguar Warrior, the Divine Jaguar that teaches us to fight for our Soul, our Essence, rescuing it from the imbalanced currents of life. The Jaguar helps us free ourselves from the “ego” so that our spirit can return to the Light.

At Balamku, the Maya Teachers created an extraordinary frieze in pink stucco symbolizing “The Path of Spiritual Self-Realization”. This is achieved through working with the Jaguar (the Sun), the Frog (the Water) and the Aluxes (the Earth). These three elements in balance help us transmute our thoughts and emotions, raising their vibration to the higher vibration of Light.

After our visit to the site we will have lunch then travel on to our hotel on the beach.
o/n Tucan Siho Playa, Campeche (B & L)

We start early this morning with a Maya Sunrise Fire Ceremony on the beach led by Miguel Angel.
After the ceremony we will have breakfast together then a full day of workshops Miguel Angel and Kaypacha.

Workshop details to come.

Lunch is on your own but we will have dinner together.
o/n Tucan Siho Playa, Campeche (B & D)

Oct 22: EDZNA
Breakfast, check out and travel to Edzna for our closing ceremony.

EdznaEdzna is the ceremonial center where the Maya Masters of Light honored, through their songs, music, and sacred mantras, the holy name of the creator of the Sky and the Earth.

Here we will perform our closing ceremony using Maya mantras to make the spiritual connection with “He Whose Name is Whispered in a Breath” and also with our Divine Mother Ix’Cheel, Mother Earth, Mother Nature. In this ceremony we will send love to all our Planet and to all Humankind.

Following our visit to Edzna we will have our farewell meal together in the beautiful Campeche City before returning to Merida. Free evening to pack and prepare for your trip home.
o/n Mérida (B & L)

Transfer to airport for flights home.

o/n = overnight B = Breakfast L = Lunch D = Dinner


All prices are in USD, per person based on double accommodation.

USD $2,475 if registered with payment by May 31, 2016
USD $2,675 if registered with payment June 1 to August 31, 2016
USD $2,800 for last minute registration: September 1 – October 1, 2016

Single supplement for private room add USD $450.

– Miguel Angel’s teachings, meditations, ceremonies and site tours
– Kaypacha’s workshops, yoga, teachings and practices
– Airport/hotel/airport transfers
– 9 nights accommodation
– Air conditioned transportation to and from all sites on the itinerary
– Entry fees to all sites on the itinerary
– Meals as indicated on the itinerary
– Tips for hotel bellboys and maids, and restaurant waiters (for meals included)

Not Included:
– Airfare to and from Mèrida
– Drinks
– Travel insurance
– Entry fees for sites not on the itinerary
– Personal items


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