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I surrender to love though super scared,
And open my heart to you,
Inviting the healing and transformation,
That only loving can do.

With the new Moon in Libra exactly opposite Uranus this Thursday (tomorrow) anything can happen! As I mention in the report, "What goes around comes around." Together with the other aspects, I would call this a very karmic time. A reckoning of sorts. If you have been honorable and virtuous you may expect unexpected gains, applause, and even money! If you have acted with disregard for your impact and effect on others both intimate and public, you may receive back some uninvited undesirable feedback, losses, or breakups.

With everything from the Sun out to Jupiter in Libra and Scorpio this week we can safely say that "the ball is in their court." It behooves us at this time to come to the peace talks, perhaps even with a white flag of truce, to listen, receive, and use the new input to fly higher in the clear skies like the plane in the Sabian symbol for this new Moon. May your plane fly higher and higher!

6 thoughts on “October 18, 2017 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Ola beautiful beingβ˜€ thank you for yet another inspiring and reaffirming report. I really enjoy listening and it deeply resonates with me..eerily so πŸ˜ƒ when you talked at the end about love and that together sp much is possible it ade me want to share an amazing happening with you. An organisation called Treesisters is starting a 6week long journey tomorrow with any brothers or sisters inclined to step in. Its called a call to dream and is aimed at empowering and supporting the feminine alongside a practical aim to plant a billion trees a re robe mother earth. Please do check them seem so aligned with their values. Honestly between your reports and treesisters I have been given a new drive..a new more positive and empowered perspective on this precious life. So thank you..❀ much love and light to you ❀

    • Aloha to you! You sure hit the nail on the head!! Ouch! I am the hammer and the nail. It hurts and heals both ways. We take our and keep on ticking. I HAVE 5 PLANETS IN ARIES!!! Sun,moon and a lot more. Lucy Pond said back 76….” they were mostly in retrograde motion”. My feet have been put to the fire on all levels including death,transformation,birth and the judicial system! Like those blood eating mosquitos.

      I am ready to surrender to change and non-attachment. πŸ•‰

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