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October 18, 2023 Astrology Forecast

October 18, 2023 Astrology Forecast

What gives me courage to let go in this world,
Is knowing there’s more beyond time,
Touch, taste, sight, smell and sound,
That is truth and love combined.

Hola New Paradigmers!

It can certainly feel as if we are poised on the edge of a cliff with an army approaching us from behind these days and wondering whether we should jump or not. As Pluto is dangling around the end of Capricorn, going in and out of Aquarius, trying to make up his mind, and taking his sweet time, we’re faced with big, intense decisions about which direction our soul/life will go. This is compounded by Pluto squaring the Moon’s nodes, which show the past and best future soul developmental path. This tension will continue through 2024 until next November when Pluto finally resides in Aquarius until 2044.

As hard as it is to be making decisions at this time, we are being pushed to do so. It, therefore, becomes imperative for us to delve down into the deepest, darkest, perhaps unconscious realms within ourselves to truly determine our values, what is most important to us, who we are, and where we REALLY want to go. Indeed, this self-knowledge is the whole point. I call it a “Spiritual Setup,” when Life pushes us to the edge like this so we face matters (and ourselves) that we may otherwise put off or avoid altogether.

This eclipse season, active into November, doubles down on this energy. However, as I mentioned in last week’s report, it was time to set intentions with the New Moon last week and spend these next two weeks developing, discussing, and refining them. This is also a good week for tying up loose ends, cleaning up our acts, and getting in better physical, emotional, and mental shape for the lunar eclipse on the 28th. That will illuminate all the underlying emotional patterns and subconscious saboteurs that will sneak out like ghosts and goblins from the underworld. That eclipse will release a ton of energy to propel you forward, as it may also destroy things, relationships, and situations holding you back. Let’s see!

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What gives me courage to let go in this world,
Is knowing there’s more beyond time,
Touch, taste, sight, smell and sound,
That is truth and love combined.

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Okay, I got a little esoteric today, BUT in addition to cultivating your spiritual practice, this is a GOOD week to maintain, develop, promote, and take care of some business! The trines from Saturn and Jupiter to the personal planets (especially Venus in Virgo) support the cleaning up of our bodies, minds, hearts, souls, and daily reality. It is time to put our energy into existing projects more so than initiate new ones until after the lunar eclipse on the 28th. 

As I mentioned, the Mars opposition to Jupiter is building from now until then and is still in effect into November. This points to a culmination of what began in May 2022. However, the energy of the opposition can lead to overreaching, overspending, overestimating our power, and having too high expectations. The trick will be to push forward without trespassing on other’s space and not allowing others to infringe on ours.

We see the same theme being repeated in many different ways these days. How to uphold, maintain, and build power within ourselves while staying in a loving heart space with all our relations that also support the other. Being big doesn’t mean anyone is smaller or less than you. Let’s all be big together and support each other’s bigness!

This week’s song is My Sweet Lord!
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