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October 20, 2021
Astrology Forecast

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I have now had enough,
Of being told what is right and wrong.
I am a powerful sovereign being,
And will follow the beat of my drum.

Salem Drummers!
Let’s all drum in that Aries full Moon! Beat the sound of the warrior drum and gather up our troops. Feel the energy of the warrior fill you, course through your veins, energize you, give a war cry, battle scream, and jump! That’s the spirit of these days. As she is conjunct Eris, Mars sister, opposite Mars, and square Pluto, she’s a full Moon that packs a punch! The upside of this energy is that it will stir deep feelings and bring them to the surface to be worked with. The challenge will be to work with them in our relationships honestly to bring clarity without unnecessary destruction.

The fact that this energy exists on both the personal and collective level brings up the sticky point of how to work with “the other.” While according to the Law of One, we are all connected in spirit, we are incarnated in separate bodies while here on earth. As evolving spirit beings, it is imperative for us to tap into our unique qualities and power to express ourselves in ever-expanding creative ways AND do our best to get along with each other! Through these next few years, we will need to assert ourselves in order to birth the Age of Aquarius despite forces and individuals resisting this change. May we hold all within our hearts, knowing that even as we disagree on this plane, we remain one on so many others.

I’m excited to share three different presentations of “What the @#$% is Going On” and post them on the website as they are edited and ready. I’m posting all three because while they have some things in common, they are also different. The first I presented in my workshop on relationships in Ibiza, Spain. The second, here in Dubai, and the third, online to the New Paradigm School of Astrology. This last recording is now ready and available online, so you can check it out HERE! I’ll keep you posted as the others become available, and you’ll be able to look ahead through the different lenses that astrology offers us. Wishing you the best in these times, enjoy!

I have now had enough,
Of being told what is right and wrong.
I am a powerful sovereign being,
And will follow the beat of my drum.

It was really around December of 2020 and January of this year that Jupiter and Saturn conjoined, and choices, decisions, opportunities, and restrictions were started, agreed to, or initiated. Now, through Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius, we are beginning to see some of the feedback, reverberation, and consequences of the actions taken throughout the year. This is on both a personal and collective level. “What Goes Around, Comes Around,” and we will all be getting the results of our efforts returned now, for better or ill.

On the collective level, we have been further repressed, subjugated, disempowered, and disregarded by the governments who are owned by special interests. This is affecting us on economic (financial), emotional (more stress and a constant barrage of bad news), mental (anxiety caused by information overload and a constantly changing legal terrain), and spiritual levels (family, friends, and loved based relationships breaking up along with everything else makes it harder to clear the mind and connect).

The astrology of the coming few months reflects an uneasy energy building that wants to be released, freedoms regained, lies exposed, and perpetrators held accountable for the damage they have done and are continuing to do. If the populace’s division, misinformation, and abuse escalates further, revolution is a very real possibility. A revolution may serve to not only restore stolen liberties but install new systems and institutions that guarantee this type of unhealthy, greed and power-based, patriarchal capitalism, is laid to rest once and for all. Let’s center ourselves in our power and help manifest the best future for all! Blessings!

Jimmy Cliff – The Harder They Come.
Tracy Chapman – Talkin’ About a Revolution

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