Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose

Guided by the Spirit of True Nature
October 20-27, 2017
Eastern Cape, the Great Karoo, South Africa

The spirit and wildlife of South Africa is a great guide to reconnect to the source and your infinite potential. The soul of the Great Karoo will unlock memories of ancient “Bushman” knowledge. The whispering of nature will bring you back into the silence and wisdom of your heart. This pure environment invites you to release all your facades, so you can meet your inner truth. The power of mother earth is very present and Compass mountain gives her infinite loving protection. All this will support you in discovering your soul's purpose.

Your astrological birthchart is a virtual blueprint of your soul describing why you are here. This week will assist you to manifest that potential. It will be a co-creation. Kaypacha will use astrology, kundalini yoga, breathwork and meditation - Dinka de Winkel will use breathwork, shamanic rituals, soulcards, silence pilgrimage, trance dance and explorations in nature. All tools to help you shine fresh understanding on past wounds and more fully embrace yourself to create your life in a more empowered, conscious way.  You will come away with insightful astrological tools and true wisdom to know yourself on deeper levels, and with new awareness to enhance your life.

And all your new insights will be constantly powered by nature!


Arrival: Friday Evening, October 20th

Departure: Friday noon, October 27th

FRIDAY Arrive by 5:00pm greetings & orientations

Dinner 6:00pm

Opening Circle & ritual commitment to your soul purpose


Kundalini yoga

Introduction to Astrology

The Yoga of Astrology (a 90-minute movement through the signs of the Zodiac)

Personal Soulcard design


Kundalini yoga

Visit Nieu Bethesda with surprise!

Looking at the past and the future intentions of the soul in the Horoscope

Setting your Intentions for your Nature Altar- Natal Chart Readings

Introduction and exploration to your personal sacred altar in nature – preparing to silence day


Day of Silence

Kundalini yoga in silence

Silence Pilgrimage around Compass mountain

Trance dance

Back to words sharing circle, fire


Kundalini yoga



Fire, music and drums


Going into the ‘wild’

Integration Conversation & arrow ritual

Final Feast and Celebration

DAY SIX - Friday

Breakfast and Heading Home

Why Eastern Cape, the Great Karoo, South Africa?

Spanning nearly 400 000km2 in the geographic midriff of South Africa, the Great Karoo must be one of the quietest places on Earth. In the middle of the Karoo lies the big estate Diepkloof. 5000 hectares’ wild land at the foot of the Compass mountain. It is a place of immense spaces, wide-angle horizons, craggy mountain ranges, conical hills, an ancient inland sea bed, and a sky so big that at night it feels like you can touch the stars. Going to this place will feel like a returning to the remembrance of our first existence as human beings. Ancient, earthly knowledge is waiting for you. The desert will invite you to make contact with your inner wisdom and serene power.

Dates: 20 – 27 October 2017

Cost: Early bird discount €1795,-  until 1/6/2017 thereafter € 1895, -

Workshop and activities as mentioned in the program, food and lodging included.

Accommodation: shared apartments (close to the main house) or shared lodges (a little walk to the main house). Shared = 2, 4, or 5.


Johannesburg – 8-hour drive to Nieu Bethesda

Cape Town – 7-hour drive to Nieu Bethesda

Port Elizabeth – 3,5-hour drive to Nieu Bethesda (shuffle available)

For more information about your transport please contact us.

Registration: please contact Dinka de Winkel or Marlindy Roelofs

What else?

Travelling to the South Africa and specific to the Eastern Cape is a great opportunity to discover more of the beauty and wildlife of Africa. After or before the retreat you have lots of possibilities to explore more. A very spiritual place is Table Mountain in Cape Town. This mountain is a pure authority and an energetic spot to experience oneness and harmony.

Lonely planet says about the Eastern Cape:

“From lush tropical forests to uninhabited desert expanses, from easygoing hammock time to adrenaline-pumping adventures, the Eastern Cape offers a wide range of topography and experiences. Compared with the wealthier and more developed Western Cape, it can feel like a different country and provides opportunities to learn about Xhosa culture. Some of South Africa's finest hiking (and slackpacking) trails wind along the province's largely undeveloped coastline and through its mountainous, waterfall-filled landscapes.

Private wildlife reserves and national and regional parks abound; see the Big Five (lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and rhino) or migrating whales and dolphins. You’ll find tranquillity and culture in the towns of the semi-arid Karoo; the imposing Drakensberg peaks and little-known valleys in the Highlands; good surfing in the Indian Ocean, coupled with amazing cultural experiences on the Wild Coast; and history throughout, including the legacy of some famous local sons – Nelson Mandela, Oliver Tambo and Steve Biko.”



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