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I've been into astrology from a very young age and on my journey I've met a lot of good teachers and found a great deal of inspiration through various authors and different philosophies, ranging from religion to modern philosophy. Jungian lines of thought, esoteric teachings and shamanistic traditions continue to inspire me. Β I am a trained evolutionary astrologer with Maurice Fernandez school of Evolutionary Astrology and his work has been immensely important for me.

I started giving healings in 1996 as I found it necessary to bridge the gap between mind and body and I am trained in the art of massage and healing. Lately I've also commenced an education called Soul Flow, based on principles found in psycho synthesis and esoteric psychology, and this psychotherapeutic tool is invaluable in my work, making it possible for clients to not only see their own archetypal reality, but also experience them as living principles within themselves, and thus healing is achieved.

I am a SoulFlow Therapist and a meditation instructor. I am a long time student of yoga and meditation and mother of two beautiful young souls. They are my biggest teachers by far.

I maintain a thriving practice among the fjords of Norway, in Bergen and I am also fortunate to have clients across the globe. I've given lectures in Israel, on Hawaii and on Norwac, Seattle and I arrange the Norwegian astrology conference, Polaris.

I am also doing my share of community work, in the sense that I am sitting on the board of the Norwegian Astrology Association and write for their magazine. I also write for an online magazine in Norway, LWMagazine.

So I continue to explore and express my love for astrology and for healing. Life is wonderful and I count my blessings every day.

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21 thoughts on “October 2015 – Sol Jonassen

  1. πŸ™‚ .Magnificent Sol Energy Goddess!
    … Beloved Sister, Wow!

    There is NO DOUBT, that your heart & wisdom transmit words that heal and grow all!
    I am So not surprised that your spirit practise incorporates massage & healing beauty. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Thank you for expressing what Saturn in Sag and Square Neptune, reveal and reflect in the trials and tribulations of this mortal coil and jupiter in Virgo assisting, into the next phase. How interesting.
    Aha, Giiggling at receiving, from collective flavours that you just struck home grounding. Moksha. πŸ™‚
    There is so much being dumped into the collective, that daily practise of grounding and pruning is imperative to clear. One of the oddest is coronal mass injections into our atmosphere, they really feel like a wallop of a complex phasing to us/Gaia that takes a lot of physical/spiritual processing. Kinda like a ‘byte torrent to humanity’.

    …Amazed at the halos our children carry, we are so lucky they choose us, and for a little while, what precious gifts in this grace. I liken this grace to sacred self divine infinite Love. πŸ™‚ …May their Angels & guardians be felt as infinite family.

    … To remember a path has only one set of foot steps, it’s constitution is only as strong as all it’s challenges that surrender gifts to the heart/mind/body/ spirit balance, and then integration in ceaseless Love and compassion to elevate Unity in Gaia.

    Gratitudes ~ Infinite Smiles~ hugs from my pod to yours ~ In Lak’ech

    • Sol
      great reading, I really like the Campbell perspective and I have studied the Hero’s Journey a decade ago, so it was interesting to hear the take on Sag not having a father and having to become the teacher. Have you read John Major Jenkins book on the Galactic Alignment and Consciousness? A lot of what you are saying would be enriched by a discussion on the Galactic Center being in Sagitarrius and Enlightenment coming from entering the Sun Door and becoming Light.
      x slater

  2. Sooo much heart carries your wise wise words Sol… and my ears, my soul and my spirit welcomed their soft and encouraging message. Thank you so much for sharing. And being you xO

  3. Say it… please, EXPERT indeed! It is not a measure it is a capacity ripened to share your juice… and juice’y you are in this video. LOVE IT!

    brilliant, brilliant, brilliant – I find you lifting and fattening what has been given and nurtured in me, affirming my soul’s journey, while yet giving me perspective to enhance my capacity yet more. Bravo!

  4. WOW! Thank you Sol, I really enjoyed listening to your talk! There were so many messages I picked up on and is definitely a video I will listen to again. You have a lot of profound wisdom and I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing.

  5. WOW! Thank you Sol, I really enjoyed listening to your talk. There were so many messages I picked up on and appreciated you going over! I definitely plan on listening to your video more than once ☺️ You have a lot of profound wisdom and just wanted to say thank you for sharing the light.

    Bugs & Fishes,

  6. Thank you Sol! I appreciate your depth of perspective and sensitivity, wisdom and humility, and exquisitely beautiful heart. Much love (and sunlight) from Malibu, California. Nancy

  7. Dear Sol, your words and realizations are very encouraging. Particularly when you speak about spirituality. Keeping faith – to our own inner guidance – to trust that we are indeed divinely connected. Somehow today your words brought some more meaning to that. Its so easy to want to follow this way or that, to follow the external call, but to be realistic with who and where we truly are, to be blatantly honest within ourselves, and with that then to move out, expand and progress. Wow, much food for thought today and I will surely listen to your posting again. Thank you.

  8. Sol, I have listened to this Video a few times, and every time I absorb something deeper about your talk. Thank you for your amazing contribution and “world” view. Love and Light to You!

  9. Hi
    I was wondering if you give astrology readings and what would be the cost? I have listened to you on you tube and you are so interesting to listen to. I have learned a lot from you videos.
    Also could you tell me what you cover in a reading and can I ask questions ahead of time?
    Looking forward to maybe talking with you.

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