I may be tempted to throw in the towel,
If I don't see this as a game,
To help me become more resourceful,
And awaken to who I am.

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Well, can't say much more than that mantra! Except that the intensity of these times is not going to let up one bit as the Sun moves into Scorpio for a full Taurus Moon next week. Time to sharpen our skills and let the creative juices flow because while giving birth is a messy process the results can be amazing!

With Mercury in T-square with Pluto/Uranus this whole week, it may be tempting to verbally abuse each other or be the victim of verbal abuse. The challenge there will be to hold yourself from inflicting too much damage on anyone in an attempt to get your way OR standing your ground and not allowing the other to push you around either. It's all about the balance of power and walking the middle way.

The upside of that aspect is deep penetrating thoughts and conversations that reveal the real truth about what we have been feeling but perhaps afraid to speak. Investigation into some of the otherwise unspoken emotional dynamics within our relationships can "pop" out unexpectedly perhaps destroying the romance but allowing for greater understanding, healing, and resolving of unconscious stuff. Go for it! Namaste'

17 thoughts on “October 21, 2015 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. I am very grateful for your astrological interpretations and mantras. Thank you dearly kind man. Keep speaking. Your truth helps keep the mind right. If you ever would find a tarot reading useful please email. It would be my happiness to oblige. Blessings and gratitude.

  2. Kaypacha, you are so freaking amazing, I thank the stars above that you are out there with all your sagacity & words of wisdom, love & healing. Someday I truly hope to make one of your workshops. I love the Pele Report and take it in every week. Thank you from the heart for all you do! So much love, dios nos bendiga todos los dias!

  3. Best Pele Report ever! Thanks for the heads up Kaypacha…and the love and encouragement. It’s is SOOOOO crazy times right now in the world and in our personal lives. I needed that one man! Thanks again. Until next week, namaste, aloha and so much love back to you my friend. Xoxo Molly

  4. Kaypatcha, this Pele Report was spot on for me. Dealing with lots of confrontation and fear of speaking my truth. Felt inspired after listening to your report. And I love your sweet smile and laughter. Lifts my spirit every time. So thankful you do this weekly. Namaste-for real!

  5. Thank you Kaypacha,

    As a Libran with 11th Aq Lillith, I feel I have burned many bridges. Hopefully, my resourcefulness can mend some. I appreciate that you call hard times as they are. Yes this is a time of depression and suicidal thoughts. I repeat to myself “this is a game” . My spiritual life is, perhaps, my Saving Grace.

    • Dear Beautiful Carolyn,

      Sending and Visualizing support, GROUNDING YOUR OWN LOVE in this Tremendous Growth !
      Remember you are Dynamically evolving, give it space to breathe, catch the sun in your breath.
      Get OUTSIDE into nature, connect With Gaia hold open your spiritual life.
      You are here to unfold, a gift with your sacred self.
      You are Strong, magnificient, powerful & wise, on a very silly beautiful blue dot, hurling in a space within a quantum wee experiment.

      Nancy has it right in her caring wisdom. 🙂
      Big hugs of Sun light Rays & Inner peace, from the west coast!
      You will laugh & Smile again, even Stronger in your DIVINE FEMININE! 🙂 ~ In Lak’ech

  6. Hang in there Carolyn K. Life is a game, so why not make it a fun and delightful one. Easier said than done, I know. You might try getting in contact, or even better, going in person if close by, to a Berkeley Psychic Institute branch. They can help you learn to deal with those uncomfortable energies, and also help you tell if it’s all you or someone else you’re being effected by. Just some thoughts that came to me. Love, peace and blessings to you.

  7. Oh, one other thing. Libras tend to be able to look at things from an infinite number of angles, and love to discuss them all. This can be misinterpreted by others at times, taking things personally etc. I know, being a libra myself. Haven’t completely figured out how to deal with this yet but am working on it! Good luck C 🙂

  8. Thank you with all of my heart Kaypacha – this report is amazing, intense and totally on the mark with what is going on for me right now. It is, as ever, sprinkled with your wonderfully quirky sense of humour – guaranteed to put a smile on people’s faces. You uplift, inspire and bring more joy into my life each week. Do come to the UK sometime – it would be great to attend one of your workshops…. 🙂

  9. Ah, the Game! 😉

    Does anybody Remember that interesting movie? …Salted, Expanding, infinite. (haha)

    It is tacit knowledge. The “alchemy” of engaging in the transpersonal play, where it is not controlled by “astrological technique”. 🙂

    To have it be fluid, “vulnerable to oneness”, yet dynamically embodied as a bodhichitta, morphing humility and it’s expanding radical divine essence in a kind of dancing grace. 🙂

    Resourcefulness, shares a foot(note) vibration within, manifesting “sounds of we”, a confluence written in twisted pair thoughts, or partnering words, that are Ida and Pingala with “all our others”, the yin/yang creates tantra coding whimsy, evolving the quantum substrate play. 🙂

    The muse of the play accelerates “We, Oneness” invites all individuated Rays of love into the continuum of form, where no one act is left behind, by it’s “technique in compassion”, as an open expanding substrate consciousness party… 🙂

    Perhaps a bardo in awakening, or just the hunger of aqueous nymph dragonflies, or phytoplankton’s love, holding the troposphere for initiates. 🙂

    The teacher within all, accepts humbly, it’s anthropomorphic gene, tightening co-creation experience with laughter & vulnerability, never losing the plot within Gaia. 🙂

    Infinite smiles ~*~ In Lak’ech

  10. Blessed Man-Shaman-Kaypacha,
    You remind me my first therapist, when I was in my twenties, who, by chance, was also a shaman, an incredible one. This same perception of the Nature, this same relation of Love with forests – at night or day. We used to walk during nights and nights to discover energies, that was great! Sometimes, through your eyes and feelings, we see the Nature just blowing up the screen. That’s nice.
    However, it’s pretty hard to stop hiding ourselves. But comes a time where we all have to reveal this Light in us, because our Light Brothers & Sisters encourage us to do so, and if we don’t go the good way we are expected to take…we get hard lessons.

    Carolyn K, sweet sister, I will send prayers to you and will ask prayers for you from my group. The worst and misleading thought, we can hold in us, is to think that we are alone, and there’s always people with obsessive spirits around, who will try to convince you to see the world this way, to try to cut your relation with the divine, don’t let them make this bad trick to you. This is untrue, we are always connected to the Divine. we are all the beloved children of God, Kaypacha, you, me, everybody! Don’t let these spirits catch you, they always try to destroy people to feed their need of energy. Maybe you are surrounded with the wrong persons. Maybe you’re too hooked in things or people you want to get ; and you don’t need all this, I promise you, everything will come, but at a time of the spiritual path, we have to choose for the real values inside of our minds. Maybe you are passing through the dark night of your soul, and yes it’s tremendously hard but it’s truly transformational. Keep going, trust in the light, go to find the right helps of light, little by little we get out of our own mental – too materialist – jails, make prayers in your inner heart to ask for help, and our divine disembodied brothers of light will conduct you ’til the right doors, one after the other, each time we open a new door, the divine dimension shows more widely, and through your own path, you will regain confidence in your true self, and you will go on in your intimate transformation and will act and think better while gaining more confidence in your inner sunshine of Joy, empathy, openness, trust. So, please beauty, keep going. We love you.

    • to Meg “Oh man I need to buckle down in my jiu jitsu!” and she said “I do too!” We had a desire to up our inanisity/trtineng and this was the method by which we decided to do it. The books created a nice framework for directing the training.

    • It’s appropriate time to make a few plans for the long run and it’s time to be happy. I’ve read this put up and if I may just I desire to suggest you some fascinating issues or suggestions. Maybe you can write subsequent articles referring to this article. I desire to read even more things about it!

  11. Thank you for your amazing self, Kaypacha. I listened to this as soon as I received it last week. And now I just listened to it again (as I keep hitting “refresh” on the website, waiting for this week’s report!).

    All I can say is, “WOW.” I heard, I listened, I thought I understood – but now that I’ve lived through the last week, I feel how spot-on you were. I SEE how spot-on you were.

    Thank you for always making me smile (even if you are entreating us to buckle our seat belts and batten down the hatches). I’m really grateful for your insights.

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