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October 21, 2020
Astrology Forecast

October 21, 2020
Astrology Forecast

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Like in an interrogation,
My resistance is being broken,
Helping the investigation,
Expose the root of the problem.

Hola Boxers!

Well, it’s raining, raining, raining here! Internet is down, retrograde city, nothing going too far, too fast. Guess I’ll just share part of the Lunar Planner that I wrote with you today. It’s one of many benefits you get with a membership in the New Paradigm Astrology Community! We’re going gangbusters with a whole bunch of new folks wanting to get a lot of astrology for little.
I’ll share the week overview here, but I also wrote a day by day forecast that’s “fun!” Check out our membership HERE!

“Welcome to the first quarter Sun square Moon, Friday, October 23rd, when the Sun enters 0° Scorpio 35′ and the Moon enters 0° Aquarius 35′. The Moon will continue to wax (grow larger) for eight more days until becoming full a week from Saturday at 8° Taurus 38′.

This first quarter phase begins with the Moon still conjunct the Capricorn stellium and, by association, forming a T-square with Black Moon Lilith, Uranus, and Eris, which are opposing the Sun and Mercury. In itself, the first quarter Moon is an intense turning point in the cycle even without all this other “action.” There is a need for the soul to break free from past conditioning to manifest the seed intention that was sown with the new Moon (last week). It is a time of dealing with our fears and insecurities to step forth with new ideas, intentions, relationships, etc.

We can expect a very intense weekend with surprises of a sudden, extreme nature that may serve to tear us away from the past, whether or not we feel like “breaking free.” The advice is to use this psychic, emotional energy in the most positive way to liberate yourself and others from external people, beliefs, or conditioning that is boxing you in. Though it may be scary, it will be best to gather up your courage, embrace the change, and go into the unknown. You may be more ready than you think.

The temperature continues to rise throughout the week as the Sun nears opposition to Uranus and conjuncts Mercury. La Luna heads through Aquarius and Pisces, which are the two signs most “out of personal control.” I often relate to them as Divine Intelligence agents that create what may appear to our ego-minds as chaos but actually has deeper, hidden significance (truth) behind it. Fortunately, Venus transits into Libra, one of her home signs, and approaches an opposition with Chiron. She highlights this week as an opportunity for healing our wounded, broken hearts and relationships as she also trines Pluto and then Saturn.

Just as the pressure of water building up behind the damn is released when it is opened, so too can our hearts and lives release the stress and tension when we open them. Take the risk and share your heart’s wishes and dreams. It will leave you vulnerable and fragile but can lead to miraculous wonders of healing and future joy!”

Yup, that’s Scorpio! I thought that I could just as easily make a playlist per week instead of just a song. I’m thinking, “Take Another Little Piece of My Heart,” by Joplin, or how about “When I Break Down” by Alan Parsons Project? For sure, “The Boxer” by Simon and Garfunkel. I’ll put links below.

What more can I say that hasn’t already been said? Don’t feel alone. With Mars and Mercury, both retrograde nobody is goin’ anywhere, LOL! Another saying that comes to mind is, “You can run, but you can’t hide,” some western movie I think. Still, it feels like we’re treading water (or getting waterboarded) until we drop our defenses, excuses, denials, lies, coverups, masks, pretensions, fabrications, misrepresentations, and all other forms of BS and come to the table (of Life).

It may just not be that bad, maybe hurt for a little bit, but when we lay it all down, we will also lighten our load and fly higher! Go for it!

Anthem – Leonard Cohen
Piece of My Heart
– Janis Joplin
– Alan Parsons Project
The Boxer
– Simon & Garfunkel

So Much Love,


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