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Pachamama stirs and awakens me,
To be more than I have been,
Sometimes it's easy and I don't feel trapped,
But now she says push and expand.

I love the old astrological saying regarding Uranus that you should prepare for the unexpected. Easier said than done, but at least it can work psychically. We're on an Uranian roll now, not just with this full Moon, but for the next week or so. As I say in the report, it's an important time of renewing your commitment to self acceptance and making changes in your world.

If not, your world will change you!

I'm late getting this up as we had some unexpected events here in Peru. Flexibility and patience are keywords when it comes to times like these as you may get yourself all worked up worrying, or trying to get something or somewhere, then get all irritable, saying and doing things you wouldn't (or shouldn't) do. Crazy making! So breathe long deep breaths, do what you can and make some space in your world to do what you want later, if not now!


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9 thoughts on “October 24, 2018 – Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Thanks for your good overview every week. I hear you since 14 months. Since my father died last August in the age of 94.
    Now that i am the oldest of my family, i feel more power and fullness. You enrich all this on my soul level..63. Grandmother, artist and teatcher for the most difficult children in bavarien schools, i am happy to hear you. Big hug Kaypatscha. Love Almut

  2. yaaaaaaay!!! PaCH! (my old friend whom ive not yet met) you look great up there, you look and sound ON!!! and as always, your words to me are like a beacon through the heavy. ahhh, so much hope hearing back what i feel and could doubt, but hearing from you sets me to go! gonna push now, got myself to birth. thank you!
    libby kirkpatrick

  3. Thank You so very much for this AMAZING Pele report, all ,ALL of it was relevant & profoundly expressed as too ‘perfectly’ delivered for the better of our unpredictable times , I am friggen sorry for all the crazy making … and, this is been trough a life changing situation that brought deep progress : yes I agree for the need to push more to get things & furter steps done. I am so grateful for all this soul’s growth in spurs ( frickin intense ya but worth the results dear 🙂 ) Self Acceptance filled with a lot of Gratitude towards All that is…With this ( all these types of) Love … available to US if we are open & incline to… XOX I am sending Big Hug your way , to Lorenzo too… HOPE in action is LOVE MAKING (CONSCIOUS WILL LOVE are the universal higher Self potentiel & aptitudeS TO SUSTAIN , to face the unconscious the apathy & the hate we can experience on our path everything has the potentiel to awaken US more, I Am Seeing it as another new tool to work with to progress, in the MIDDLE path Namasté Here My little musical contributions With this Love of Peter Gabriel here the instrumental version & the Boy Choir version of it ( From the Passion album )

  4. Bless you for your service. You enrich my life and give balm to my heart and soul. We are certainly facing fears up here in the mountains , with the cougars circling round camp on the full moon. Reminiscent of childlike , raw experience , the stuff life is really made of, to teach us to grow as our ancestors did
    Thank you !!!

  5. Aloha Kaypacha~~
    My heart goes out to Almut and Libby, who left their beautiful comments earlier! I really love your report, too, and it has guided me through a lot of stormy weather in the past 4 years that I’ve been “tuning in”. Thank you for putting it out there every week, man, no matter where you are on this planet! MAHALO! Blessings and may you have safe travels! Aloha <3 ~_~ Diana

  6. Beautiful Kaypacha. Thank you. I honor and respect your work. I see you there in the mountains connecting with Pachamama. And I see myself in this powerful message. Namastè.

  7. My deepest gratitude, honour and thanks to you Kaypacha. Seeing you there are hearing these words fills me with love and light. You help me rise above and see like an eagle. It’s pure medicine. Thanks for sharing this so openly without cost, may blessings and love rain upon you always xx

  8. Dearest Kaypacha,
    Your love and light shine through every report…. very grateful for all that you share, so intune it blows my mind!!!!
    Much love and all the good vibes 💗

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