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The more we share the deeper we go,
And the more the truth is revealed.
The more we stay without turning away,
The more our wounds can be healed.

Ah yes, such is the state of affairs these days as reflected through the stars and planets. I didn't mention it in the report but I feel that there is something coming through now with Lilith poised before the galactic center. Something to do with "timeless truth" juxtaposed with "contemporary or hip truth/s."

We're at the turning of the ages and it is a time of revolution where we may be exposed to some revolting stuff! As the old structures, beliefs, moral codes, and belief systems are questioned, challenged, and discarded by many, both external and internal chaos can ensue. It is up to each of us as individuals now, not as sheep following a shepherd, to hone our own moral compass to the "highest" expression of our Self. Injoy your journey!

6 thoughts on “October 25, 2017 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Ah wow ! Kaypacha!! I am grateful to be able to watch yr channeling gifts…you received my sculpted Dragon ‘issue’ AMAZING!! By the way the alchemy process you exposed is the 3D one it also mean something deeper trough the symbolism too as The Phylosophical stone also( ie: Jeff Wolfe Green took subtle dream channeling and trough his books, sholl & teachings achieved this imho) ; The Great natural psychic Mademoiselle Lenormand, (Joséphine& Napoleon Bonaparte voyant) puted it out in her deck as the ‘Royal’wedding and the artist works, you can think about that 😉 As this is very important time and a deep/heavy report here is my gift to you with Love ( cause on yr YT channel yr playlist of the reports are not in chronological order natal Moon in Virgo), so I wanted to contribute to yr Great Works Pele Reports December 2016 listed & linked here:
    Dec 07th,
    Dec 14th,
    Pr Dec 21th,
    Pr Dec.28th here: 2006

  2. Hi, always love Kayapacha’s reports. Teaches me so much about myself. Just wondering does anyone know the name of the music at the end of the report. I am sure someone has mentioned it before. I love it. Thanks. x

  3. Way to rock it dude……. thank you for being alive ……and singing your songs ……love, health and happiness to you……P

  4. Hello! I tried a few times to watch this video. Since my mind just kept wondering I understood that my ego didn’t want me to focus and sink in your message! Just when I wished there was a transcription available…Carol Saviano saved my day! Hahahaha! I love it! Once again no coincidence, right timing, I needed this! THANK YOU! Love and light, Izzy

  5. Thank you as always for sharing the beauty of nature all around you! One of the movies you referred to, but couldn’t remember, seems to be “Avatar”… Transformation is seeing the old for what was once true and doesn’t work anymore, to formulating an inclusive new perspective that works for everyone! Failure is a learning opportunity to learn what doesn’t work, in order to discover and learn what does! Great quote to move forward during this time of transition and transformation, by Buckminster Fuller, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”… Fighting old structures isn’t worth the effort, instead make new ones that are so unfamiliar that everyone comes to the table to negotiate! It’s no longer about “winning” at another’s “expense” (gerbil wheel of redundancy~!), instead, it’s playing so everyone wins… Otherwise, “don’t play”! 🙂 Namaste…

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