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October 25, 2023 Astrology Forecast

October 25, 2023 Astrology Forecast

Polarization is part of a process,
When a relationship needs to grow,
Where each go within and decide on their own,
To bump it up or leave it alone (or go it alone).

Hola New Paradigmers!

Happy lunar eclipse! This is a period of illumination just in time for Halloween, where the ghosts and goblins of your subconscious mind/heart and those of others come out to play. Don’t be scared, but know that it is a time of unexpected emotions that are not rational and, in some cases, not controllable, which can lead to chaotic, unpredictable feelings/scenes that are educational if not comfortable! It’s not such a good time to make big decisions or commitments, but instead, be very aware of what motivates you and others and if it aligns with your deepest truth.

This has to be the longest Pele report I’ve ever done! And, I must say that I spent a bit more time on Eris/North Node/Chiron in Aries than the eclipse herself. I’d just like to repeat what I said at the solar eclipse two weeks ago. That was a time when the Moon was at its weakest, and the solar power of conscious will was the strongest. It was a time to plant seeds and make plans. Now, two weeks later, she is strongest on her north node, and any past conditioning, habits, ruts, or subconscious “demons” that seek to undermine those plans need to be dealt with, recognized, and tamed!

With the eclipse happening in Taurus, there may be unpredictable fluctuations associated with financial security, survival, sexuality, and feelings of self-worth. You may be tempted to swing from one pole to the other as in break that diet you’ve been on, go on a binge, give into desires you typically control, overeat, drink, spend, flirt, and more. While it is “only” a long weekend, all havoc may break loose, so it is best to be aware.

The Sun, Mercury, and Mars opposite Jupiter will be going on for another week or so, indicating that this can be a fortunate period for you if you don’t overdo it. If you can hold your boundaries and respect others, you can advance in many areas of your life (particularly in the houses -areas of life- ruled by Taurus/Scorpio in your natal chart). Play safe, have fun, and release some of the emotional energy that has been building for so long. It will be healing!

Polarization is part of a process,
When a relationship needs to grow,
Where each go within and decide on their own,
To bump it up or leave it alone (or go it alone).

OK! You asked for it! Last week, I said I was gonna get preachy, and I read a bunch of comments that preaching was good! So funny ‘cuz my mom wanted me to be a priest LOL! This one went way over, but I could’ve gone on even further. The cool thing is it started to rain the minute I turned off the camera. Thank goddess!

We’re dealing with “discord” at this time, and discord can have both a positive (life-affirming) or negative (life-defeating) effect, which I go into in this video. The positive effect is that it can help us become conscious of what we were unconscious of before. The negative impact is that it can lead to harm if we don’t listen and don’t become conscious but stay in our ways and try to force others into our way of thinking, feeling, or living.

What does not have to happen is trauma, pain, violence, and/or death. Come to think of it, there are actually three effects now, aren’t there? 1. Learn, grow, and come back together. 2. Learn and grow that you’re better off apart and go it alone. 3. Don’t learn or grow and try to shove your values/beliefs/lifestyle etc. onto the other! Oops! It is too late to go back and redo the report, so I hope you read this! May you find your way through 1 or 2, and may life continue to bless you!

So, besides the song I had for this week, I just got turned onto Justin Bieber this morning! I found this live recording where his first song, Love Yourself, is a perfect example of no. 2, and the second song is more like no. 1! Coincidence?

Gotta love The Story In Your Eyes!
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So Much Love,

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