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As I embrace my deep emotion,
And strive for conflict resolution,
I live a life of full expression,
Not shutdown by fear or suppression.


Feeling it comin'? New Moon in Scorpio this weekend sets the tone for the month ahead: themes, needs, issues, etc. And that means "shadow work," looking at all the deep dark needs, feelings, fears, and impulses that, when still unconscious, take us where we really don't want to go and cause effects we regret in the future. So onward and upward is feeling, talking about, expressing, and just flat out being aware of ourselves.

Whether you agree or disagree with the observations made in this video, I hope they are food for thought and a springboard for further discussion within your circles of relationship. In this way, we can all become more aware of the socio-cultural-religious-educational conditioning going on, so as to identify more clearly for ourselves and our children just what kind of life we want to propagate on this planet! Injoy!

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14 thoughts on “October 26, 2016 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. About to judge and judgements : I’m from the Netherlands and in my language, Dutch, there are two distinct meanings of the english “to judge” : “beoordelen” and “veroordelen”. The first could be translated as to judge, in the sense of “to make a wise decision from an accurate and deep understanding of a given situation”. The latter, veroordelen, could be translated as “to condemn” , “to reject”, “to criticize” or “to disapprove”. I think that the confusion in English speaking countries stems from the translation of the word of Jesus, referring to the Law of Reciprocity : ” Do not judge, or you will be judged”. (Luke 6 : 36 ). I can not imagine that Jesus meant that you should not make wise decisions ..

    • Well said! Thanks a lot for sharing this, Diederik. I am learning dutch and discovering how wise language it is. Thanks a lot for Kaypacha also, this week you have opened my eyes again and explained the meaning of my dream from last night. I am amazed and inspired! Bless to you all!

  2. When I think of judgement I think of the our negative reactive self living in the Ajna chakra- a huge integration point by the way -being blocked, resulting in judging self and others. We can never access the higher dimensions of thought, make healthy decisions, or be happy when this center is full of judgment and criticism. Being aware of what we are thinking is the first step. And as Kaypacha suggests: pay attention and resolve.. resolve the shadows.. but remember- the ego is threatened by enlightenment because it’s afraid it will be no more. The merging of the male/female energies is key-each maturing and having a mutual love and respect for one another. Sat Nam!

  3. Thank you for sharing nature’s beauty! I considered commenting on this weeks report, it became a task that was far too long and involved and I decided it wasn’t worth it! I appreciate your willingness to put yourself out here to do your best to help everyone, but there are times when what is shared, comes in a category of “where in the hell did you come up with this” moment~! So, I felt it better not to say anything about this week’s report! As far as other’s comments, thank you for sharing! Consider the following… There is a huge difference between “discernment” and “judgement”… One (discernment) considers what might be true and what changes are needed to create an outcome conducive to a solution that positively effects all involved… The other (judgement) is an adopted and learned false made-up limited ego based view, seeing the situation from inside the box of limited understanding… One is helpful to resolution, the other is like running around on a gerbil wheel, getting nowhere and resolving nothing except creating more resistance instead of sustainable resolutions! There are numerous interpretations concerning the chakras; their functioning (being “open”) and lack of functioning (being “blocked”)… One interpretation is; Ajna Chakra is located in the center of the forehead (third eye), related to the Divine Union of all the energy channels; female (Ida), male (Pingala) and the Sushumna (central channel) blending into one cohesive Whole, which then proceeds upward to the other chakras concerning expansion, etc… A whole discussion could commence on the aspects of blocked and flowing energies that interfere with resolutions, or help to find solutions… Bottom line, thinking outside of the boxes that were given to us to navigate life, will create resolutions and solutions for All… When we don’t seek; to be right or muddle in past understanding, and instead focus what is good for All, then healing on all levels (dimensions, intra, multi, parallel, etc.) will commence! May All be fully open to the Divine that is already within us, thus creating solutions for “everyone”! Blessings and Namaste…

  4. I hope the tail of the Scorpion will turn and sting Hillary and her chances succeeding of (stealing) the election from the populists, rather than working in her and the corporatocracy’s favor….as far as the Scorpian influence at this time. Otherwise, Costa Rica looks like a great place to live! 🙂

    Once again, great Pele Report, thank you! I eagerly await each one midweek and each one is tremendously accurate in my and my friends lives.



  5. Blessings to you and all that you do to help us understand a deeper reason for our purpose on earth. You are a true light worker. I believe Hillary is part of our shift to the female energy. Thank you

  6. Loving the fact that you mention JP Sears – I discovered him this saturday and I listened to your report on Sunday – synchronicity indeed. You are fabulous!

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