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October 27, 2021
Astrology Forecast

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I’m living in the paradox,
Both powerful and powerless,
The more careful I am with what I take in,
The easier life will be to digest.

Hello Scorpions!

Yup, that’s right, we’ve got Scorpio somewhere, Pluto somewhere, and an 8th house. There is no escape from dying to the old that the new may be birthed. There is no escaping powers beyond our control (and our soul desire to master ourselves through confronting them). Scorpio and the 8th house is where deals are made, and deals are broken. As Mars joins the Sun here, our bet gets raised, and we need to either meet it, up it or fold. Time to face our demons, who are often brought to the surface by none other than our most intimate other.

Whether it is on/in our personal relationships or with powerful external authorities and institutions, it’s time to draw the line regarding where we are, what we will put up with, what is in our best interest, and who might be draining our power supply. This is a time when we can lose friends and lovers, stir up animosity, and upset the apple cart. However, we may also meet, connect, and even commit to another, a project, a business, or a life path of transformation that brings us greater power, truth, and understanding. While it hurts when attachments are removed, it’s healing to have cancers and parasites removed. Best to trust that Life (or our own unconscious) pulls what is blocking or distracting us from reaching our soul’s evolutionary intentions.

Having just returned from presenting workshops abroad, I’m looking forward to doing some more! Determined not to be stopped by the powers that be, I intend to continue traveling unjabbed and unmasked to bring astrology to other like-minded “warriors” who choose not to comply. If that’s you, please join me in Peru!

I have posted “What the @#$% Is Going On” and several other helpful links on my website’s Resources page. Check it all out HERE! Better than that, join the New Paradigm School of Astrology and get access to the whole library and more!

I’m living in the paradox,
Both powerful and powerless,
The more careful I am with what I take in,
The easier life will be to digest.

Mars joining the Sun in Scorpio underlines the reality that things are not as they appear. Scorpio knows better than to trust and give yourself away blindly. In this week’s mantra, “careful” simply means mindfulness, awareness, and consciousness. The adage is “garbage in = garbage out,” which reminds us to watch what we are exposing ourselves to, who we’re hanging with, what we’re watching, reading, and how we’re spending our time. Let’s ask ourselves quite often these days, Why???” 

“Why” will take you down to the next level, and the subsequent “why?” will continue to take you down to the next level. If you keep up the self-inquiry, you can get down to the REAL reason you make the choices and take the actions you choose to take. Then the next question is, “Is this helping me evolve?” Is what I’m doing and who I’m with helping me on my evolutionary journey to return to Source, or causing me to separate further?” The answer to that question may lead to changes in your course of action, relationships, and anywhere else you have invested your energy, including financial and sexual. Onward and upward may we go! 

Of course, a proper and fitting song for this week/month is Santana and Everlast’s “Put Your Lights On!”

And how about that thumbnail? I had the great fortune of meeting Sequin Kay, the artist who created it as part of her zodiacal series. Check them all out HERE and you can even purchase “Scorpio,” HERE.

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So Much Love,

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