Every single problem,
Is pregnant with a solution,
That calls for my expansion,
Toward embracing all creation.

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Yes, I realize this one takes a little contemplation (and perhaps explanation like at the end of the report) to fully grok. The roots of our issues go deep into our roots and back into our past. For a true, full, healing, rebirth (Venus, Mars, Jupiter) to occur, it is necessary to go within and find all those places where we shut down and close off either due to pain or fear. Until we do, we are held hostage by our own blocks and unconscious limitations like a turtle who won't stick its head out of its shell.

So go in there, dig it up, stir it up, spit it out and stick it out! You will feel so much better, open, and alive afterwards! We're not going to heal anybody, much less the world, until we heal ourselves so the work begins at home. Wishing you the best of the best! Injoy!

10 thoughts on “October 28, 2015 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Thank you Thank you Thank you

    Tom, you really spoke to me today. Thank you for your grounding message. Landed safely I have. I feel safe and supported and during my time of expansion toward embracing all creation. NAMASTE ALOHA SO MUCH LOVE

  2. Omg thank you again for hitting on the head what I’ve been going through these last few months wow( you always are in sync with big shifts :)) this Virgo is finally re-membering who she is finally in this world and deconstructing the old , boy is it a challenging but magical time! Thank you for your wisdom much gratitude to you <3

  3. You have once again hit the nail on the head so to speak! I have Venus in Virgo so its been tuff!! I have been wanting to shut out the negative but instead find myself searching for ways to navigate with a full heart so that I may listen and understand better my fellow beings. After all we are all in this together. Namaste!

  4. I am really enjoying the new visuals, as they help me to see the configurations that you talk of in your pele reports. It is very interesting to hear your interpretations each week and you have become my astrological mentor in that respect, so thank you for your offerings of support.
    I would like to offer a suggestion for your weekly mantra, I really hope that you won t take offence as I offer a creative alternative! Sometimes poetry can have a deeper impact when it does not rhythme. I don t know if I have spelt that correctly ? I feel that, although you have perfected the verse you may find it less limiting to try one without the rhyming ❤️ Just a thought, I know lots of people may disagree, you may too.
    You have inspired me to return to my kundalini yoga practise over the last year, I can see the clarity in your commitment to your work and your incredible service to others Thanks again for all you do X

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  6. Thank you Kaypacha for your dedication & support of your fellow human beings. I, being one, greatly appreciate your efforts & foremost, your consistent weekly report. A foundation for greater understanding to assist our grounding & appreciation for Gaia & ourselves as well as our place in the universe & humanity. Wow! The energy towards heart centered consciousness and the birthing process currently shown by the planets has so many variables. We being our own energy beings also have many aspects of ourselves. To see the harmony of nature and the planets helps us to learn to act in harmony within ourselves and the outside world. Thank you for translating the signs that have been provided to help humanity. Your teachings are appreciated and I am grateful for all I am learning from you. May the universe support your personal life so you can continue provide your teaching….?…….Blessings…..barbie

  7. Thank ou so much. You stable support and encouragemenet week after week is just so touching and I cant hardly express the love your communication spreads. Namaste

  8. THANK YOU….received into the most open and loving parts of my blossoming soul. Such a gift you have, I love learning from you! The visuals of our galaxy were amazing! So much love to you.

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