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October 6, 2021
Astrology Forecast

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To love and to be loved,
Is the profoundest gift of all.
When I open and give my heart to another,
I am blessed as well.

Hola Lovers!

Alright, everybody! I hope you’re feeling the new energy! It’s time for new beginnings! Besides the new Moon in Libra (conjunct Mercury and Mars), by the time you read this, Venus will have risen like a phoenix from the underground ashes of Scorpio into the light of Sagittarius. Couple that with both Pluto and Saturn stationing to go direct, and we are going to feel some forward motion! Yes, there will be a little cleaning up of the past (and throwing away any leftovers), but we’ll be gaining some momentum through the rest of this month and year.

Interestingly enough, the Sabian symbol for the degree of this new Moon pictures someone taking a coffee break. Dane Rudhyar offers a few interpretations of this. He mentions that we are not yet capable on an emotional level to constantly engage in socialization and that we need “time out” to breathe, fantasize, and re-center ourselves. Imagine that symbol showing up in the social sign of Libra?! However, it makes sense that the stronger and truer we are within ourselves, the stronger and more authentic our relationships will be, right? Breaking the codependency requires both self-knowledge and self-love.

I’m excited to be sharing my first live workshop in over a year here in Ibiza. It’s on the astrology of relationships as that is the star energy of this time. I’ll try and record Friday’s opening talk, “What the @#$% is Going On,” and post it somewhere, at least for the school. If you’re into learning more about yourself and life with astrology, you might want to check out the New Paradigm School of Astrology yourself! I did “All About Saturn” live (zoom) last Sunday, and Julija Simas from the CIA will be sharing all about the “Venus Starpoint in Capricorn” this coming Sunday. We have something going on all the time with 100s of friends going on about it, hope to see you!

I’m also super excited about the new gift items we’re putting out there! From “Time to Wake Up” T-shirts to “So Much Love” coffee cups and thermos, we’re getting the Astro-word out there. Stay tuned for zodiac signs and more as we ramp up and put out more original goodies. In the meantime, I hope that you “Find Somebody to Love,” and if you have already, then go find some more!

To love and to be loved,
Is the profoundest gift of all.
When I open and give my heart to another,
I am blessed as well.

Indeed, the fruit tree grows and ripens its fruit and then gives it all away. We can be likened to a fruit tree as our lives are all about building ourselves and hopefully giving our gifts away! We’ve been building for a while now, and after the harvest of Virgo comes the sharing of Libra. This can be exciting if we are confident in and value our gifts, or a bit scary if we live in poverty consciousness and fear running low or out.

One way or the other, the sense of belonging, of loving and being loved, is the “stuff” life is made of, what movies, music, poems, and books are written about. “Love makes the world go around.” Truly, love is the experience of being united/one with “All That Is,” Source, Creator, or God/dess. As such, it is the power of life, of healing, of birthing, and of being all that we can possibly be. We could make a stretch and call it the meaning, purpose, beginning, and ultimate ending of life itself. Let’s do it!

Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Zephyr Song
Jefferson Airplane, Somebody to Love!

🌞 Let’s do some astrology together, LIVE! Check out my upcoming workshops.

So Much Love,


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