If I do the wisest,
I can resolve the crisis,
And with patient perseverance,
Help restore the balance.

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OMG, OK, I'm guilty. I am so busy, and drinking so much coffee and so jacked up that I did'nt even talk about the Sun square Pluto and opposite Uranus which is all of those things and may just be happening to you! Of course, whenever I am done I think of all the things I forgot to say, but this time there are just too many!

So if you are into this stuff and want to read more you should go to my website and subscribe to the weekly newsletter I write and start getting the Pele report in your inbox. I'm going over there now and will be writing a rather lengthy one about everything from Mars/Jupiter indicating good sex, to Black Moon Lilith/node/Mercury dealing with the shadow of relationships.... the astrology just goes on and on! Anyway, hope you enjoyed this little tidbit..... Namaste'

9 thoughts on “October 7, 2015 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. I watch you every week and you give me so much understanding and hope in some way. I am very interested in astrology and since I have been sick for the past 1 1/2, I have watched you. I am undergoing so much change and can relate so much to your updates every week. You are great!

    Sincerely Tania, Denmark
    (Aries, moon in leo and acc. in scorpio)

  2. Dear Tom,

    Thank you for all these pele reports. In these changing times i got a lot off trust en guidens from your perspective way of seeing the world above, arround and within. So i can teach my children to deal with this all too. many thanks from holland.

    with love and respect,

  3. Right On!
    Love the fallible solar program too, thanks for sharing visual.

    For the time, a lovely quote about transcending Evil in it’s existence in the cruelties that happen to anyone/everyone and how the Power of Love, integrates it.

    James Finley on global scales crisis in the next level of awareness.. Quote “the next level of that answer is that you take what cannot be changed on the outside and you transcend it on the inside. You use external crisis to Transform You, Past the Point at which Crises of Evil, Despair, or Destruction can Destroy You. You must become stronger within by building the capacity inside of you that can respond to the World Around You with much greater power, the Power of Love.”
    In other words, It is the ‘yin to the yang ‘, to keep ‘light moving’, going within, flowing from Love and Compassion to keep tipping, shining, reflecting back stronger, so there is no hold of evil that permeates.
    Practise, practise, practise…. Xox !

    Tears for the atrocities, but love & Compassion for all Souls within Gaia.

    Infinite love ~ Peace ~ Change~ In Lak’ech

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  5. Loving the visual planetary report ? Makes the understanding of the movements much easier to comprehend. As usual the report is spookily significant to my life right now- it feels like at last I am heading towards a resolve. Thank you for trying new ways to help us understand the balance and tension between the planets. A true artist mastering his craft ? The truth is if we all get it, the world has to become a better place, right ! Much love thank you for the weekly reports I really appreciate the wisdom within

  6. Restore the balance, saw that coming. Perfect. And Chiron missing in the software was very well handled. Always a comfort to hear you during major shifts.

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