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October 7, 2020
Astrology Forecast

October 7, 2020
Astrology Forecast

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There is no doubt that I want to break out,
And be totally free once again.
But the Spirit of Love wants me to include,
Other’s hearts and lives in my plan.

Hola Detainees!

It may feel like we’re all being “detained” these days. Reminds me of detention when I was in school. That’s what Mars retrograde can feel like, and next week it will be joined by Mercury so we can all sit around and think LOL! On the bright side, you’d expect that with all this thinking, we might actually consider brilliant new ideas and solutions to our life’s dilemmas. I feel that is the cosmic intention and what lies in store. As I mentioned in today’s report, it’s like we brought ourselves/lives in for a tune-up this year, and by the end of it, we can come out of the “shop” better than new! Maybe we’re getting an upgrade or two. It’s up to you. Go for it!

I know I’ve been “replacing some parts” myself, and one of them is my website. It’s now a more lean, mean machine! Clean, clear, simple, and direct, check it out! The NPA community is back online and better than ever too. I’ve added new goodies to make it inexpensive and straightforward to learn astrology at your own pace and in your own time. Join me today and get more out of the Pele Report (and your LIFE) starting NOW. CLICK HERE!

Besides, I’m offering an online course, “Discover Your Soul’s Purpose,” starting at the end of this month! It could also be titled Basic Natal Chart Interpretation. If you’re interested in where you’re coming from on a Soul level, why you’re here, and how to evolve, this course is for you! Check out the details, sign up HERE, and I look forward to seeing you!

The “Covid fatigue” is definitely written in the stars. Covid or not, they say this is a “big karma” time to look at our stuff hard and long, and straighten it out before we get to go out and play. Now karma has some bad connotations, so let’s not forget that you COULD have GOOD karma too! We all probably have some good and some bad. It’s super rare to have all one or the other. My definition of it is “What goes around comes around,” and we’ve all, consciously or unconsciously, sent around less than perfect energy.

Anyway, in the vid, I also discuss the balancing out of the masculine/feminine, light/dark, yin/yang energy, and mention that we’ve gone out about as far as necessary to the end of the masculine pole. After the camera went off, it occurred to me that this can also be mirrored in the concept of “ownership.” I remember being amazed that North America’s indigenous peoples never thought of cutting up the land into pieces and having different individuals “own” it. This “ownership” has now extended into so many areas of human activity that some people are “owned,” and it has given certain individuals “more value” due to “owning” more things/money. Materialism, which I see as one of the core roots of today’s problems, is a yang/masculine/separation phenomenon that needs to be addressed but seldom is, eh?

“I Want To Break Free” – Queen

So Much Love,

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