with Kaypacha & Gongmaster Dolph
Granada, Spain

2019 is a year of “coming home to our deepest Self” and balancing our inner needs with our outer lives. Amidst the pressure and distractions brought on by an ever-changing external landscape, we are being called to strengthen our resolve and tune into our deepest Soul purpose for living. Astrology, yoga, and sound are the three oldest and most universal means of tapping into, opening, healing, and connecting to our spiritual Self. This workshop will use all these and more to assist you in centering yourself in your core to both renew your spirit and empower your life.

Kaypacha will share his research in using your astrological birth chart to identify your strengths/weaknesses as emotions that are either fully expressed or suppressed, and stored in the organs/chakras.  Medical astrology correlates the signs and planets to the chakras, and kundalini yoga has corresponding yoga postures/poses to strengthen, heal, and balance your entire chakra system. This is groundbreaking work and combined with the genius of Dolph and his sound healing, promises to be an amazing, powerful experience. We hope you will join us!


Day 1
After dinner, Kaypacha will present “What the #$%& is Goin’ On?” – An astrological overview
of the year of 2019. This 2-hour exploration will lay the foundation for our work together.
The talk is also open to the local public. Price: 20€ at the door.

Day 2
After breakfast, Kaypacha will take us through the 12 signs of the zodiac, using description, mythology, movement, and music. Following a review of both the planets and houses, we will begin deciphering the natal birth chart with an emphasis on your soul intentions for this lifetime. Sunset will be celebrated with sound and breathwork.

Day 3
Starting the day with yoga guided by Kaypacha (accompanied by the Gong), we continue with a Chakra workshop with Gongmaster Dolph and Kaypacha. In the first session, we will go into the lower 3 chakras as they are the birth-rights of our human existence.

Day 4
After feeling our lower chakras, representing the elements of water and earth, we complete the experience by physically connecting with those elements. We embark on an excursion to the Nerja Caves, leaving the world behind as we enter into the “womb of Mother Earth”. Upon resurfacing from the caves, we will spend a playful day at Playa de Cantarrijan with a picnic lunch on the beach.

Day 5
Morning Yoga with Kaypacha, accompanied by the Gong, will be followed by a Chakra workshop with Gongmaster Dolph and Kaypacha after lunch.
In the second session, we will go into the 3 higher chakras that guide us into a higher state of consciousness.

Day 6
After the Yoga and Gong session, Kaypacha and Dolph will hold an astrology and chakra workshop in the morning. In the third session, we will bring the lower chakras up and the higher chakras down to embrace in the center of our undefeated heart.
To round this experience up we will go on an excursion to Granada. Carrying a mesmerizing ancient history, this city is the perfect opportunity to connect to our higher chakras of wisdom, truth, and knowledge. We spend the afternoon around the historical center of Granada, sight-seeing and contemplating on how the religious wars can be seen as our own battles within.  Finally, we will regroup for the “Last Supper” as a farewell celebration in a Spanish restaurant (dinner not included in the workshop price).

Day 7

After breakfast, we will gather together to integrate all that has been presented.
Sharing our feelings, fears, and ambitions, we will support each other in moving forward in a new empowered way and say farewell.

***In order to gain the most benefit from this program and not hold back the group, you will need at least a basic understanding of the signs and planets and aspects of your birth chart. For this reason, your registration includes Kaypacha’s webinar Astrology 101 webinar series free of charge ($120 value) so you can learn these basics beforehand! In it, he goes through the meaning of the signs, planets, houses, and aspects (16 hours total).***


House of Light was conceived of and built as a retreat center for personal growth work and as such the workshop spaces have been designed to inspire you, not only to feel safe and held but also to feel connected with beauty and with nature. One of the main inspirations for building a retreat center here is the location, nestled in the heart of La Alpujarra. This very landscape has vibrant, raw energy all of its own, teaming with birdlife and vibrant with color.



Early Bird Price: €985
Regular Price: 1185€

The Price includes Accommodation, Food, Excursions, and Workshop.
Airport Transfer available upon request. Space is limited to 20 participants.

The schedule is subject to change in order to best meet the needs of the group.



Kaypacha has more than 40 years of experience as an astrologer and spiritual practitioner. His approach to healing spirit, mind, and body through emotional release and Kundalini yoga utilizes astrology as a healing art. In addition to personal readings, he brings astrology to everyone through international lectures, experiential workshops, writing and teaching. He is the author of “The Pele Report”, a weekly astrological YouTube forecast and numerous magazine and online articles. Using yoga, meditation and nature for self-renewal and natural law as his guide, his work brings balance, love, and joy to others and the planet.

Gongmaster Dolph

Gongmaster Dolph is one of the world’s most renowned gong players, born in Netherlands, currently living Orgiva, Spain. For the last two decades, he has been devoted to the magical sounds of Chinese gongs, Tibetan bowls, and shamanic drums. His abundant experience and creative ability have led him to develop a unique style of gong playing, therefore entitled as “Gong master”. Besides having done more than 1.000 solo performances all over the world, he has also performed as a musician in the Dutch duo Maya Masaya and a guest player with the Nada Naga group. Besides that, he is a Certified Sound Massage Therapist, with the Peter Hess method