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Astrology Workshops

A New Paradigm of Relationship:
The Astrology of Intimacy

Ubud, Bali As we shift into a new paradigm of re-integrating the masculine/feminine aspects of our psyche with our physical/emotional bodies, many of us are going through identity changes that deeply affect our relationship needs. Your astrological birth chart is of invaluable aid in illuminating your unique expression of the masculine/feminine [...]

Move Your Stars:
Feeling Your Self Through Astrology, Music & Movement

Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand We evolve through our emotions. It’s that simple. Not by thinking, not by talking and reading and wishing, but by going deep down within and processing our feelings. Our childhood and past life experiences have left deep, unconscious patterns, wounds, and strengths that lay far below the [...]

Coming Home to Our Innermost Self:
A Yogic Astrology Journey

Antalya, Turkey During these intense times of change, it is easy to get swept up in the current of external events, drama, intrigue, and distraction. Indeed, there are powerful energies at work tearing down old structures we have relied on for security everywhere from home to country. It is during these [...]

From Illusion to Empowerment:
Stepping into a Brighter Future

Joensuu, Finland Your astrological birth chart is a virtual blueprint of your own unique body, soul, and spirit, including your past life soul history and current life soul intention. The Moon's Nodal Axis shows our path from the past to the future and will be the main focus of our investigation [...]

What the #$%& is Goin’ On?
An Astrological Overview of 2019

Amsterdam, Netherlands This talk will be a 2-hour exploration into what lies ahead for us in 2019. Kaypacha will give us an in-depth understanding of the energetic currents revealed through astrology for the next year. This talk is a virtual 2-hour Pele Report- if you know what that means. We look forward to seeing you there! Schedule [...]

Opening the Chakras with Astrology, Yoga & Sound

with Kaypacha & Gongmaster Dolph Granada, Spain 2019 is a year of “coming home to our deepest Self” and balancing our inner needs with our outer lives. Amidst the pressure and distractions brought on by an ever-changing external landscape, we are being called to strengthen our resolve and tune into our [...]

Maya Pathways to Atlantis

With Miguel Angel Vergara & Kaypacha The story of Atlantis carries with it a warning of how the misuse of power can lead to total destruction. At the same time, through the Maya teachings of Lord Itzamna, it contains a blueprint showing the path to bring Humankind and Mother Earth back [...]

Ancient Wisdom Teachings for Modern Times

Cusco, Peru There is no doubt we are emerging out of patriarchal, hierarchical socio/cultural/religious conditioning, but what are we emerging into? Do we throw out everything and start from scratch, or are there ancient wisdom teachings from indigenous cultures that can serve to reawaken a consciousness of the connection between ourselves, [...]

Uniting Heaven & Earth:
The Astrology of the Aquarian Age

Golden Drum, Brooklyn, NYC As so many of us are well aware, we are now at the turning of the Ages. This massive shift of planetary consciousness is propelled by individuals who, by birth and Soul intention, awaken to the latent potential of the human being and by raising their own [...]

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