• March 1-4, 2018 – Creating CommUNITY at Kozmic Immersion

    You know you are here on purpose. You've awakened to your mission-driven path, you are accessing ancient memories and gifts, and you are eager to deepen your connection with the Great Mystery we call life. You also are finding that your old way of living isn't fulfilling you anymore. There is a splitting of worlds

  • Envision Festival, Costa Rica

    Water Water Everywhere! Astrology Immersion with Kaypacha In this workshop, we will explore the water signs Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces and planets Moon, Neptune and Pluto in your natal birth chart. Through this exploration we will see where your soul is seeking new birth, change and transformation in this life. The element of water reveals the mystery around the feminine,

  • Ayurveda Retreat, India

    Ayurveda Healing Journey Retreat Nov 1- 14th 2017 Join Kaypacha and Fateh for an Ayurveda Healing experience in Kerala, India for 14 days / 13 nights ! There’s an ancient belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word that means “life wisdom”,

  • Goa India – Dancing the Stars

    Dancing the Stars Feeling Your Self Through Astrology, Music and Movement November 17-24, 2017 Goa, India This astrological, musical and dance event will be like no other!  After years of working as an astrologer, musician, yogi, and gymnast, Kaypacha, in unison with Mari Ljungqvist, Daniel Alzamora Dickin, and Zoe Mercury, will facilitate your journey into

  • Expanding our Relationships: Releasing the Illusions of the Past to Create Balance and Clarity – Costa Rica

    Expanding our Relationships: Releasing the Illusions of the Past to Create Balance and Clarity January 25-31, 2017, Costa Rica Punta Mona Center for Regenerative Design & Botanical Studies How do we manifest our relationships after the past year of purification? How do we breakthrough (or breakout?) into the balance we all so desire? We have had so many personal roadblocks

  • 2016: Year of Purification – Athens, Greece

    2016: Year of Purification July 1-3, 2016 "Shantom~ House of Culture" Athens, Greece   From September, 2015 when Jupiter enters the sign of Virgo, through almost all of 2016, we will be experiencing a collective purging process. Astrologically, this is reflected in the Moon’s Nodes moving into the Virgo/Pisces axis where Jupiter will be opposing both Chiron and Neptune

  • Astrology Rising, Costa Rica

    Astrology Rising: Co-Creating the Future May 6-13, 2017 As more and more people turn away from the false teachings of current day authorities to understand themselves and the world, astrology is regaining its standing as the highest of the occult art/sciences.  We are excited to celebrate its resurgence and herald the New Paradigm that it is

  • Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose – Seattle/Portland

    Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose An In Depth Look at the Moon’s Nodes June 15-18, 2017 Trout Lake Abbey, Trout Lake, WA The workshop is Sold Out After a year and one half, the Moon’s nodes have shifted from Pisces/Virgo to Aquarius/Leo!  This has special significance for all of humanity, as it is a shift in

  • What the $%&* Is Goin’ On? – Portland, OR New Renaissance Bookshop

    What the $%&* Is Goin' On? June 19, 2017  6:30 to 8:30pm New Renaissance Bookshop, Portland, OR In this two hour talk, Kaypacha will go into the current astrological patterns, what they mean, and how to best ride the wave. This talk will use astrology to both shed light on our current situation and help us

  • Uniting Heaven and Earth: The Astrology of a New Paradigm – Cowichan Bay, Canada

    Uniting Heaven and Earth: The Astrology of a New Paradigm Yum Yoga & Dance Studio, Cowichan Bay, Canada June 23-25, 2017 As so many of us are well aware, we are now at the turning of the Ages.  This massive shift of planetary consciousness is propelled by individuals who, by birth and Soul intention, awaken

  • Tools for Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose – Salt Spring Island, British Columbia (1st Evening is Open to the Public!)

    Tools for Discovering Your Soul's Purpose A weekend in-depth Astrology workshop with Kaypacha on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia Friday June 30 - Sunday July 2, 2017 Astrology is far more than a predictive tool to tell the future. It is a source of deep understanding, truth, and healing. Each participant will, in advance, send

  • Sacred Astrology Workshop with Kaypacha – (1st Evening is Open to the Public!)

    Sacred Astrology Workshop with Kaypacha Dunderry Park (near Dublin, Ireland), August 3rd-7th(8th), 2017 Discover the depths of your astrology chart with the amazing Kaypacha on the beautiful island of Ireland.  There is an intense shifting of consciousness occurring on our planet now, and Kaypacha invites you to delve deeper into chart interpretation beyond just planets, signs

  • Balancing the Masculine and Feminine – Poland

    Balancing the Masculine and Feminine August 11-15, 2017 Lipia Góra (near Gdansk), Poland FOR POLISH CLICK HERE Giving birth to a new paradigm, a new reality, is no quick, easy process.  As you may well have been feeling since Uranus first came into square with Pluto in mid-2012, we are collectively needing to recreate both

  • Revealing the Shadow in Your Chart – Asheville, NC

    Revealing the Shadow in Your Chart a workshop with Kaypacha and Timothy Halloran (This Workshop is Sold Out) September 1-4, 2017 Bend of Ivy Lodge, Asheville, NC We all have wounds and fears from past lives, childhood, and past relationships - parts of ourselves that we hide as we put forth our best face to

  • Star Passages 2, Utah

    STAR PASSAGES with Kaypacha An Astrological Rite of Passage in Nature June 14-19, 2016 During this 6-day camping retreat in Utah’s breathtaking Canyonlands, we will explore Astrology through our innate connection with the Natural World. Surrounded by expansive views, Cottonwoods, and the beauty of the desert along Professor Creek near Arches National Monument, we will take




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