6 thoughts on “Patricia Walsh – Autumnal Equinox 2016

  1. The information that came through was powerful.

    My Sun 28 Sag – T square – Mars 26 Pisces – Pluto 02 Libra.

    Jupiter 19 Sag, Mercury 12 Sag , And Neptune 3 Sag all in First house.

    I have been waiting for the message. I found it today in your mediation.

    My Earthly Parents have been disappointing. Today my message came through to let go of expectations. My true mother /father are in spirit. I was born 4:44 am. Proof?

    I sound crazy. Lol

  2. Thank you, Patricia,

    As you usual I started my repeated viewing of an expert video while I cleaned my kitchen. In subsequent viewings at my desk, I will take notes. Such good information.

    The guided meditation pulled me to my kitchen chair. Relaxed, full of hope, I returned to my karma yoga..

    Thank you again,


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