In this installment of the New Paradigm Astrology Podcast, Sol and I explore more of the Saturn/Neptune dynamic, battle a bit with Mercury retrograde, and discover that the entire "dream team" are also binded together by cats.  We hope you enjoy.

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6 thoughts on “Podcast with Adam Sommer and Sol Jonassen – January 2016

  1. This is just sooooo wonderful! Seriously pertinent conversation; tons of resonance. Whole thing, worth it. Thanks to both of you. Brilliant discussion. So much love! Astrocats … born in the year of the cat so I can say that resonated, too ;p <3 Nice closing song. Thank you again, both of you, for your wisdom. Peace!

  2. I have been deep in fear and mind freaks. This morning, I got myself calm enough to listen to this podcast. Thank you so much. Both of you have given me a further opening to heart. You have reminded me of the peace I can live when I meditate. Such practical tools to reach within.


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