Chart Interpretation

  • An intercepted sign in an astrological chart occurs when a sign is totally contained in one of the houses and does not appear on the cusp of a house. When a sign is intercepted, the opposite sign will also be intercepted. By lacking elements, we mean a chart with no planets in a particular element (only from Sun to Pluto, not counting Chiron or Black Moon Lilith).
  • Marc Edmund Jones first came up with the seven different planetary patterns as a means of categorizing/analyzing horoscopes. You can get a lot of information just by looking to see the pattern made by the planets in a chart.  Here is the catch: THESE PATTERNS ONLY LOOK AT THE 10 MAJOR ‘PLANETS.’ So, please remove asteroids, Chiron, BML, and even the nodes so the chart is very basic (and, of course, in the Porphyry house system.)  
  • Kaypacha discusses the planetary aspects to Pluto. Beginning with the meaning of individual aspects, including all the planets from the Moon out to Saturn, and in Synastry and Composite charts. Examples are taken from class participants.
  • Whenever you have three or more planets in a sign and/or house, it is called a stellium and has special significance in interpreting your chart.

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