• I want to share this with everyone as I feel every link I share in this video has helpful info to assist yourself or your clients on every level, be it physical, emotional, relationship, mental, or spiritual. I’m sure there are many more great sources out there, but these are ones I have and practice.
  • In this 120-minute video, Kaypacha discusses Pluto as the evolutionary force, what that means and how he works. He then takes him through signs and houses.
  • Here are the transits of the outer planets for 2021 and some helpful, essential guidance on interpreting them. It’s the first hour of the 6-hour workshop I did recently, where I go through the astrology of 2021 and apply it to your own natal birth chart. Knowing what evolutionary intentions are coming up for you this year can help you to be ready and take full advantage of the opportunities afforded for your growth.
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    **Available as part of the New Paradigm School of Astrology. If you’re not a student and would like to be, enroll here!
  • 2020 = The Year of Transformation from Death to Resurrection 2021 = The Year of Initiation, Gestation in Preparation for Creative Manifestation  This astrological perspective on the portal to a New Paradigm now being entered by humanity demonstrates the initiatory nature of 2020-2021. Looking at the astrology of the 2020s (yes, we are only just beginning) from a historical point of view, we see the convergence of a great many timelines happening now. Using the tools of New Paradigm Astrology, Kaypacha unravels the different threads weaving this tapestry of change. 
  • Kaypacha shares an exclusive broadcast of the type of day-long workshops he conducts all around the world. This one was recorded in Nevada City. Injoy!
  • Eclipses portend a period of destabilization as chaotic new energies, both positive and negative, enter the sphere of human consciousness to be worked with, evolved, and integrated. Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus are compounding the power of transformation that this year's eclipses bring. We can expect breakthroughs and breakdowns. Understanding the larger cycles within which these changes are happening can give us a context to deal with them.
  • In this webinar, Kaypacha demonstrates how to interpret Jupiter transits through the houses and Jupiter’s transits to natal planets. He uses four different chart examples focusing primarily on the 1st, 3rd, 8th, and 10th houses.
  • Our fundamental understanding of the meaning, purpose, need, and intention of partnership is undergoing radical examination as each of us radically exams ourselves! While very exciting, it can also be disconcerting and scary to leave behind old socio-religious conditioning that portrayed relationships as a security source! We can all agree that they are no longer that as much as a means of even more profound self-discovery, including our own shadow sides. Don’t let fear stop you on that journey!
  • How are we doing? Feeling those feelings? I hope so because now is a great time to get in touch with those hidden aspects of yourself that will bring you closer to contentment, peace, and inner tranquility. Easier said than done, as what may come up first are the challenges and blocks that are in the way and keep you from maintaining that space. Good! Nothing like seeing what has to go to clean out the garage! I was honored to be asked by the School of Evolutionary Astrology to offer a webinar, and I chose the topic: “Feeling Human: A Look at Cancer, Love, and Connection.” I hope this sheds some light on your current reality and serves to bring you that much closer to knowing yourself. Astrology is such a blessing!
  • With the South Node of the Moon approaching Neptune, which is in opposition to Jupiter in Virgo and square to Saturn, we are in a tight T-square! These times call for a deeper understanding of Neptune, which I am encouraging in this video. 
  • Here are some guidelines for help in choosing the best time for surgery. While I am sure there are more, satisfying these basics will ensure a better surgery and recovery.
  • In this +120-minute video, Kaypacha discusses the archetype of Mars. He then proceeds to discuss Mars in aspect to the other planets, in the signs, and finally through each of the twelve houses.
  • In this 120-minute video, Kaypacha discusses the archetype of Venus. He then proceeds to discuss Venus in aspect to the other planets, in the signs, and finally through each of the twelve houses.
  • In this 120-minute video, Kaypacha discusses the archetype of Mercury and Gemini/Virgo. He then proceeds to discuss Mercury in aspect to the other planets, in the signs, and finally through each of the twelve houses.
  • In this 120-minute video, Kaypacha discusses the archetype of the Moon. He then discusses the Moon in aspect to the other planets, in the signs, and finally through each of the twelve houses.
  • This bundle consists of thirteen 90-120 minute videos, each interpreting one of the planets. Starting with the Sun and circling to Pluto, Chiron, and the Moon's Nodes, Kaypacha gives a complete description of each's archetype and mythology, its meaning, and how to understand it in your astrological birth chart.

    This is not just Sun Sign Astrology

    We all have all of these archetypes within us! We all have them somewhere in our birth chart. So Kaypacha explains how to interpret any one of the planets in each sign. He then takes the planet around the chart to explain what it means when it rules your rising sign, the 2nd house, 3rd house, etc. Listening to all thirteen videos will give you individual interpretations of all the planets in your birth chart!
    Bundle includes:
    • All About The Sun
    • All About The Moon
    • All About Mercury
    • All About Venus
    • All About Mars
    • All About Jupiter
    • All About Saturn
    • All About Uranus
    • All About Neptune
    • All About Pluto
    • All About Chiron
    • All About The Moon's Nodes 1 & 2
    Save $60! Each video is $20 individually ($260 for all 13) Purchase this bundle for $199! Buy these videos individually here. Or receive all 13 classes along with an entire library of instructional videos by joining the New Paradigm School of Astrology for only $22/month! Check out all the benefits here >

    You might also be interested in All About The Signs.

    Check it out here!      
  • In this 90-minute video, Kaypacha thoroughly examines conjunctions, including planets in conjunction, and how the balsamic conjunction differs from the new phase conjunction and stelliums (3 or more planets in conjunction.)


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