• In this 120-minute video, Kaypacha discusses the meaning and interpretation of the 7th and 8th houses. In addition, he goes through each one of the planets in these houses and illustrates how to interpret them in different signs and elements. Also discussed is how to interpret empty houses by the sign/planet ruling the house and the meaning of the chart ruler.
  • Physical Correlations to the 12 Signs of the Zodiac. Kaypacha discusses the predisposed physical and emotional ailments typical to specific star signs. From the Cancerians with food intolerances to the Taurans with throat issues, you’ll be intrigued to understand what you may be predisposed to.
  • In this +160-minute video, Kaypacha discusses the archetype of Chiron. He then proceeds to discuss Chiron in aspect to the other planets, in the signs, and finally through each of the twelve houses.
  • In Part 1, Kaypacha discusses the mythology and interpretation of the Moon’s Nodes. He then takes them through the signs, houses, and in aspect to other planets. (120 minutes) In Part 2, Kaypacha addresses the planetary rulers on the Moon’s Nodes and goes into greater detail regarding planets conjunct and square the nodes to gain further information about the soul’s past and future intentions. He examines several chart examples to show how planets conjunct and square the nodes are interpreted. (120 minutes)
  • 5-Course Bundle:

    • Pluto Square Eris: A Time of Reckoning
    • The Impact of Science & Technology on Spiritual Awakening
    • The Astrology of the United States
    • Virtual Yoga: Kriya for Elevation
    • Virtual Yoga: The Stress Set for the Adrenals and Kidneys
  • In this recorded 8-part webinar series, Kaypacha teaches Basic Astrology, including the Houses, Signs, and Planets. It includes transcripts, essential handouts, and example charts.
  • In this recorded 8-part webinar series, Kaypacha teaches advanced concepts regarding your astrology birth chart. In the basic webinar, we went through the building blocks of chart interpretation: Planets, Signs, and Houses. This webinar recording will put those pieces together into cohesive chart interpretations by exploring Planetary Aspects, Age Progression Techniques, Transits, Patterns, and Interpretation Methods. It includes transcripts, essential handouts, and example charts.


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