2017: The End of Illusion and Profound Revelation, 3-Part Series


In this three part series, Kaypacha explains the planetary energy of 2017.  He has called this year “The End of Illusion and Profound Revelation” and and after watching these three 1-hour videos, you will know why!

These videos were originally distributed to the New Paradigm Community for free as part of their yearly subscription.  They assume that the listener has at least a basic understanding of the Signs, Planets, and Houses and is interested in learning more.  While you will glean great amounts of information from the series regardless, you will certainly get more by having a printout of your horoscope and his “Horoscope Interpretation Guide” by your computer while watching. (If you don’t know the symbols, you can download this HERE)

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Part One gives a general overview of the major planetary patterns with explanations of what they mean for us collectively.  Part Two takes the main planetary patterns through your natal horoscope.  Depending on your rising sign, the planetary patterns for this year will affect you differently.  This video gives you a more personal interpretation of what is coming.  Part Three describes the actual transits of the outer planets to any of your personal planets.  This is even more personal and will assist you in understanding what is going on, how to handle the energies of a transit, and the best things to do in order to become more empowered and less victimized.

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