A Book of Mantras 2013


A Book of Mantras 2013 is a 63-page, full color, hardcover book featuring Kaypacha’s mantras of 2013. This book is 8×8 inches and beautiful, color photos, mantra, aspects and photographer bios.

This is not just a book of poems.  This is an astrological study of the year 2013.  2013 was a pivotal turning point in the evolution of humanity.  Following on the heels of December 21, 2012, which signaled the end of an old millennium, it sowed the seeds for a paradigm shift.  Everyone, regardless of age, location, race, creed, or color, experienced profound shifts of consciousness that were reflected in the astrological configurations expressed in this book.

You see, each one of these “mantras” was taken with/from/thru the astrological aspects that were occurring at that time each week.  The energetic patterns were felt and expressed through words as they were felt by the author.  You may benefit from correlating the weekly mantras to the aspects as given in the Appendix (and each weekly Pele Report on Youtube).  In that way you can get a real feeling for the language of astrology and what it gives us.

You may also use these weekly mantras when looking back, to give a different spin on the events that occurred at that time, and see them from a different/new perspective.  The zodiacal signs, planets, and the ever changing configurations that they make reflect back to us the evolving consciousness of the collective.  This collective consciousness is unconscious within each of us individually, and yet it is the tapestry of Life of which we are each but a thread.  You may well see through these pages that you are not alone, not an isolated entity going through a meaningless chaotic experience, but an infinite spiritual being having an earthly experience of separation designed to reveal your intrinsic, true, amazing self so as to contribute some spectacular aspect of existence as yet unbirthed in the third dimension.


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