A Conversation About Jupiter in Scorpio – Full Series


This download includes both Part I and Part II of Kaypacha’s Jupiter in Scorpio series.

In part I, Kaypacha discusses the mythology of Zeus/Jupiter, his astrological interpretation and the meaning of his transit through Scorpio from October of 2017 to November of 2018.  He may do a part two taking Jupiter through the houses and aspects to other planets but this video does contain a lot of information to assist you in understanding yourself and the times we are going through together.  Welcome to the Initiation!

In part II, Kaypacha takes transiting Jupiter through the 12 houses of the chart. Grab your chart and see which house Jupiter is transiting for you! He transits up to 23 degrees of Scorpio in March, and then retrogrades back to 13 degrees before going direct again in July and leaving Scorpio in November.

In the Jupiter webinar from 2/16/2018, Kaypacha demonstrates how to interpret Jupiter transits through the houses and Jupiter transits to natal planets. He uses 4 different chart examples focusing primarily on the 1st, 3rd, 8th, and 10th houses.

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***Part I is available HERE. Part II is available HERE. Webinar is available HERE.

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