A Personal One-Hour Astrology Reading with Kaypacha


Please read all details below for further information on the booking process and scheduling your reading.

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Your one-hour personal astrology reading, via Zoom, will use your astrological birth chart to answer any questions that you have regarding any aspect of your life. Your chart is a virtual blueprint of your soul. From it, we will see why you are here, why you have chosen the situation you are in, and what next steps are best for your continued evolution. Please note that this is a personal reading. If you’d like to include partner or geographical location questions, please choose another reading.

Please read ALL the important information below:

In order to process and schedule your reading as quickly and easily as possible, please include all of the following information during checkout:

1. All your contact and location information including your full name, address for time zone purposes, and phone number for any last-minute changes.

2.  Your time, date, and place of birth.
***note: your exact time of birth is very important for an accurate chart reading. If you are unsure about your time of birth, see Birthchart Rectification

3. This is a personal reading for one chart only, if you would like Kaypacha to look at more than one chart, please consider a Relationship reading. To use your natal birth chart to find the best location to live, work, love and play, please consider an Astro-Geography reading.

4. Readings are now done on Zoom. You will be scheduled based on the appointment time you select and a link will be sent to you to join the meeting with Kaypacha at the exact time of your reading.

5. After your order is complete, you will receive a link to schedule your reading. This link will arrive in your inbox immediately as part of the purchase confirmation. Please provide any background/questions you would like Kaypacha to meditate upon prior to your reading in the comments box on the checkout form or the box provided during your scheduling process.

6. Recordings: Zoom offers a recording option. If you’d like to record your reading, it’s very important that you click the “record” button and save it to your desktop or folders after the reading is complete. This is a very straightforward process. Once you click to record the meeting, you’ll be prompted to save that recording once the meeting ends. Kaypacha will not be recording the session, and a recording is NOT guaranteed as part of the cost for your reading.

Important note:

    • Users connecting via a phone or an iPad will not have the option to record the meeting. In those cases, you will either need to connect with another device or download a recording app that handles video/audio recordings.
    • If you are on an iPad, you can use your phone to record the reading, be sure you know how to use the recording app you choose.
    • If you are in a location with poor internet connection, please take notes, as my schedule does not permit me to repeat readings. I appreciate your understanding and look forward to seeing you on video!

7. We must receive an email cancellation at least 1 month prior to the reading for any refund to be considered. 

8. By purchasing this reading, you agree that you’ve read, understand and agree to all of the above.

If you are in an emergency situation and need your reading immediately, you have options:
1. Join the New Paradigm Community to check in with other astrology enthusiasts on the forums.
2. Connect with one of our Dream Team astrologers!

I wish you the best and look forward to meeting you soon! 

A discount is available for New Paradigm Community members. Please find your Coupon Code under Community/Discount Codes

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