An Introduction To Medical Astrology: Physical Correlations To The 12 Signs Of The Zodiac


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This introduction to medical astrology was sponsored by the team at Your Tea.  Your Tea creates tea blends using traditional Chinese Herbs, to heal the mind, body and soul. Since their herbal blends address and appease many energetic blocks, their ethos and information coincides perfectly with medical astrology. So here we are, discussing the predisposed physical and emotional ailments that are typical to specific star signs. For the Cancerians with food intolerances to the Taurans with throat issues; you’ll be intrigued to understand what you may be predisposed to in your human body.


This series of 13 videos will give you a basic view of how astrologers use your chart (and how you can use your own chart!) to assess your physical/emotional/mental health.

Kaypacha goes through all 12 signs of the zodiac and gives the correlations of each to your physical body and more.  With further study you can see when you are stronger, and when you are more susceptible to health issues, what issues are most likely to manifest for you throughout your life, and what measures can be taken to both avoid major issues and heal what issues arise.

It is a great introduction to a very deep and rich body of knowledge that Kaypacha hopes you enjoy.



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